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Same Sex Weddings Philadelphia | Gay Friendly Wedding Venues & Same Sex Wedding Photographers Philadelphia

Philly same-sex couples looking for a wedding photographer or a venue that fully supports marriage equality and proudly waved the rainbow flag before the awesome SCOTUS ruling in June start here. Philadelphia’s Top LGBTQ Wedding Venues & Photographers:

BG Productions Photography and Videography

“We support Marriage Equality because we believe in Love. Love is all that matters.”

Philadelphia LGBT photographer BG



BoudoirPhilly Unique and Sexy gifts for your bride or hubby-to-be

“As a “B” in LGBT I have supported equality of all kinds since I was old enough to go to protests, (1974ish).”

Philly LGBT Boudoir Photography



Brae Howard Photography

“We support marriage equality for obvious reasons- because we support equal rights for all humans. Also, we’re inspired by people who are brave enough to be themselves despite what society says is acceptable.”

Brae Howard Photography LGBT Philadelphia Weddings


Ashley Lynn Fry Photography

“Andy Warhol once said,”I think everybody should like everybody” & we agree! Love is love. Who are we to judge, deny, criticize or wonder why someone loves someone else? There is nothing we love more than people in LOVE. It is why we do what we do!”

Ashley Lynn Fry Philadelphia LGBT Weddings



The More We See Photo

“Marriages are and should be between two people who love each other. Plain and simple.”

Morrissey Photography LGBTQ Philadelphia Weddings



Matthew Bender Photography

“I’m going to be frank here. As a photographer, I’ve photographed quite a few ‘traditional’ weddings, and I’ve seen a lot of things. I’ve shot plenty of couples who are obviously made for each other, and I’m thrilled that they’ve managed to find the one person that they can spend the rest of their lives with. On the flip side, however, I’ve also seen couples get married who, honestly, probably shouldn’t have gotten married. I’ve photographed weddings of couples who are already divorced…….I mean, it happens. The fact that it’s a ‘traditional’ wedding by no means guarantees that it’s built on an inherently stronger foundation. At the end of the day, the love you hold for the other person is the most important thing, and the sex of that person is ultimately unimportant. My brother is gay, and while he could go to NY and get married, why should he have to do that?”

Matthew Bender Photography Philadelphia LGBT Weddings



Melissa Kelly Photography

“Because good love is hard to find, and all love deserves to be celebrated.”

Melissa Kelly Photography Philadelphia LGBT Weddings



Pictures by Todd

“An individual should be free to love whoever it is they want, regardless of religion, race, or sex. And all couples should have equal rights to honor and celebrate their love and commitment to each other.”


Pictures by Todd Philadelphia LGBT Wedding Photographer


LGBTQ friendly Wedding Venues Philly:

The Capital Grille Philadelphia

“We support Marriage Equality because we believe that equal rights need to be equal.”

LGBTQ Wedding Venue- The Capital Grille Philadelphia Dining Room



Hotel Monoco Philadelphia

“Because everyone deserves the right to be with the one they love for the rest of their lives and be recognized in society like everyone else.”

Hotel Monaco Philadelphia LGBT Wedding Venue



Inn at Barley Sheaf

“We support marriage equality because we believe everyone has the right to marry the person they love.”

Inn at Barley Sheaf Farm LGBT Philadelphia Weddings


Sonesta Philadelphia Hotel

“Located in the City of “Brotherly Love”, the Sonesta Philadelphia Hotel believes all our guests are equal and may love whomever they choose. Our hotel enforces non-discriminatory policies including “sexual orientation”, treats heterosexual and domestic partners equally in personnel policies and provides LGBT diversity and sensitivity training for employees.”

Sonesta Philadelphia LGBT Weddings



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