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Dearly Beloved,

This post is for the males finally!

On the show “Young and Hungry,” which you can find on Netflix, a gay male couple gets married. Elliot and Alan tie the knot kosher and in style. Elliot’s boss, who is also his friend, forgets to plan Elliot’s bachelor party. They throw him one, but since none of his friends can make it last minute his boss invites the gay online dating community. Elliot eventually notices he doesn’t know anyone at his party, but his love for parties and fun guys makes him forgive his friend. Will you want a bachelorette party? And will you share it with your fiancé or have your own?

Random Wedding thought of the week:

Do many gay males getting married have women in their wedding party?

Quote from my memoir, “Diary of a Gay, Pregnant Bride”:

Donna and I wanted a bachelorette party. Our maids of honor agreed to throw us one last minute. “I didn’t know what to do for a bachelorette party for two lesbians,” Donna’s maid of honor, Lori, said. “But then I realized you just do what you’d do for a guy.”

Questions to Consider:

So if you are planning a gay man’s bachelor party, you do what you’d do for a straight girl. Lots of guy stuff. Just like my maid of honor figured out the opposite for a gay girl. The bisexual bachelor/bachelorette party might get more complicated…but that’s another topic. Let’s focus on the bachelor party:

Would you invite your dad to your bachelor party? Hmmm…

When I threw one for my mother my grandmother came and crashed it. Perhaps parents and sex shouldn’t be in the same sentence.

Did you know?

Who holds the record for the most marriages? Glynn Wolfe married 29 times, his last marriage to the female record holder, Linda, of 24 times! That’s a lot of vows, rings, cake, etc. Yikes!

Good Advice:

Having a traditional bachelor party the night before the wedding is never a good idea. Most bachelor parties end with intoxication. Why would anyone want to get up the next day and get married with a hangover? Heading to Vegas for your party? Just don’t do the movie “The Hangover,” and you should be okay. But bachelor parties don’t have to be so wild. Maybe it’s a night out with the guys, maybe it’s a movie marathon. Or a theme party if you love dress up or dancing or an afternoon tea, anything can go. Strippers? Sure, why not, but only if that’s what the person is into. If they’re not into strippers the party can turn awkward and disappointing. Just don’t do anything illegal and end up with an arrest before your wedding. Nothing’s worse than a new husband with a new police record.

Pride, Penis-shaped pasta, and Private Parties,


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