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Dearly Beloved,

The holiday season is here and you may be counting down the days until Christmas or a different holiday…or…your wedding! Whatever that anticipation is for the season, I have some wedding advice for all you winter wedding planners.

Random Wedding thought of the week:

Has anyone married on Thanksgiving? It may be a good idea since family travels far for a big feast anyway, might as well do it all in one shot. And if the Pilgrims and Indians could sit and make peace, your family and your spouse’s family, no matter how different, could come together on a meaningful holiday. And then no one would forget your anniversary!

Quote from my memoir, “Diary of a Gay, Pregnant Bride”:

That evening I saw a flash of light out my window followed by a loud crackling. I opened the shades. From the mountain the view of the valley looked endless. All the streetlights sparkled like stars and Christmas lights flickered. The dark night filled with colored lights for miles. Then came another bright flash. Someone was setting off fireworks for New Year’s. I could see some in the far distance from another suburb. Jimmy had already fallen asleep in the guest room. Happy New Year’s, I said to myself.

Questions to Consider:

Weather, weather. Weather. ‘Tis the season for snow or freezing rain in most of the country, so plan, plan, plan. What actions have you taken for bad travel? My friend’s sister-in-law, who got married New Year’s, had the wedding at the hotel so guests didn’t have to worry about driving or roads being closed from where they were staying. The Bride also made fur shawls for the girls in the wedding party to cover their arms for the outdoor photos. What will you do to ensure the most comfort and ease in the winter wind?


Did you know?

In Holland a pine tree is planted outside the newlywed’s home as a symbol of fertility and luck.

Good Advice:

The holidays and winter find people busy with shopping, traveling, preparing, celebrating, working extra, staying in to save money. It may be the wrong time to have a wedding, or it may be the perfect time. Whenever you plan it, it will be your day your way. (or your controlling mother-in-law’s way if you let her).

Pride, Poinsettias, and Plums of sugar,


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