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Recently a gay male friend asked my opinon on whether or not to create a honeymoon registry. He and his partner have lived together for over 5 years and they felt that they didn’t need a ton of household items that a younger or newer couple need. Plus they were planning on doing a traditional registry for their shower and felt that was sufficient.

Most people give cash as a gift at weddings so asking your guests to donate to a honeymoon registry is virtually the same. They are a great idea for established couples who have lived together and accumulated all the gadgets and toys they need and who don’t need or don’t want typical registry household items.

The idea of giving couples a lasting memory or experience together is pretty cool. Dreaming of taking a private book cruise off the coast of Cinque Terre, Italy? Put it on the registry. You can divide excursions into $50 increments to make them affordable for your guests.

And if you are worried about older guests not being internet saavy, some sites even offer phone orders.

Here are a few of our favorites:

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