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Every marriage is a love story. It means both people followed Taylor Swift’s advice. And “just said ‘Yes’.” A wedding is the final celebration of the moment. And now that the law is catching up to life – the LGBT community is participating. Yet there is a hitch. Do you want a toaster as a gift for your same-sex marriage? In particular, since some couples are older than traditional couples. A side effect of having to wait. In this case, there isn’t a real need for more stuff. And we still need to help the LGBT community fight against prejudice. This article is going to show you how to celebrate your wedding and help others.

Give To Charity Instead Of Gifts

Instead of giving gifts have your guests contribute to your favorite charities. This allows your guests to feel as if they can celebrate your marriage, yet don’t have to feel like they are buying something you already have. And this allows you to contribute to the ongoing fight for equality. Which is important since there is still a long way to go.

Find The Correct Charity To Giving To

There are thousands of charities. When it comes to giving to charity there are thousands of charities that will take your money. Unfortunately, not all are as good as others. If you are going to give your money then you want to make sure it’s going to help others. And not just marketing. Or to pay for the director’s yacht. There is a website that will help you find a reputable charity. It’s called Charity Navigator. If you want a baseline look at the Human Rights Campaign. They have almost a perfect score.

How To Announce The Charitable Gift

When you decide to give to charity instead of receiving gifts, you need to make it clear. In the invitation, you should be clear. Say something like “Instead of gifts Greg and Ralph would love for you to send a charitable donation to the Yadda Yadda Charity.” This way it’s clear about your intentions. Do not get creative. Make it clear. Give the URL to the website. You can also provide a box at the reception where people can put in cash. This way people can still give if they forgot. Just make sure that you get that cash to the charity.

Give Out Charity Favors

Wedding favors are the thank-you gifts to the guests. There are hundreds of options. From DIY to expensive trinkets. Yet you could also do the same thing here. Make a blanket donation to your favorite charity and hand out a card to the guests. On the card, it can let them know why you chose to do this. And include the website where they can donate as well. I wouldn’t do this if you asked people to give to the charity instead of gifts. Instead, just give out simple thank-you cards if you don’t want to hand out traditional favors.

Weddings should be fun. But they can leave you with a blank space in your heart if you accept physical gifts when you already have enough. So instead, ask your guests to give to a charity instead of a traditional wedding gift.

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