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Simple Tips for Planning a Winter Wedding

If you and your partner can’t wait anymore and just need to make your love official, why not organize a wonderful winter wedding? After all, winter is the season of merrymaking, love and hospitality! However, winter weddings require a little more planning in order to make sure everything is just peachy. Here are a few planning tips all couples (LGBT or not) will find very handy.

Inform your guests in advance

Winter puts a hole in everyone’s wallet, so make sure to keep your guests informed about your big day well in advance. Everyone probably has a lot of things planned for winter holydays, so remind them to save the date. Create seasonal invites filled with natural colors, patterns and smells. If you spray your invites with some cinnamon, peppermint or maple syrup scents, your guests will instantly start anticipating your wedding, no matter the weather!

Winter up your accessories

Your wedding dress is probably already white and winter-appropriate, but do you have your jewelry planned? If not, make sure to get something seasonal and perfect for cold winter days. Your moonstone earrings and bracelets with sparkle like ice on the winter sun—a perfect sentiment for your big day. All couples that prefer a very natural look can opt for raw crystals from Moon Magic that have a very organic yet attractive look. If you’re saying your vows outdoors, a ring with an icy crystal or shiny moonstone will perfectly fit your winter-wonderland vibe.

Stay toasty

Winter weddings are truly magical, minus all the cold, so don’t spend your big day shivering in your dress or thin blazer. There are so many stylish and practical ways to stay warn without putting on a classic winter jacket. For instance, you can choose velvet for your blazer which is both warm and super chic right now. Outdoor ceremonies will even allow you to be very unique and opt for some matching wool beanies or cowboy hats! Warm (faux) fur accessories will look great when paired both with a classic wedding dress and a chic suit, so get snuggled up and enjoy your wedding in comfort.

Embrace seasonal flowers

There’s no wedding without flowers, but if you have a very cold winter, skip out-of-season tropical flowers and embrace seasonal blooms. Think deep, dramatic red roses and classic white Gardenia and filler Gypsophila. You can add some depth and riches to your bouquets with some winter foliage like ivy, holly and springs of yew.

Light up a gloomy day

Unfortunately, natural lighting is usually not very generous in the winter, but you can chase away the gloom with some fairy lights, candles and lanterns. Candles will serve a double purpose—keep your venue both warmer and brighter. You can even invest in some colored lanterns and bistro lights to bring a touch of rainbow to your winter wedding.

Make things festive

December weddings can always benefit from a few Christmas songs thrown in the mix (All I Want for Christmas from Mariah and Wham!’s Last Christmas are simply a must), there are also other ways you can make your winter wedding festive. For instance, you can prepare a glitter station by the dance floor and fill it with rainbow glitter to make things more sparkly. Or you can set up a hot choc/mulled wine station that will warm up your bones. Later in the evening, you can all wrap up, snuggle with your partners and watch a lovely fireworks display.

Thank your guests with cute winter favors

Stay true to the chilly season and send your guests home with some useful yet cute wedding favors. Think in terms of sparklers they can use on NYE, rainbow candy canes, mulled wine spices, personalized scented candles, glitter cupcakes or even warm knitted gloves. The options are endless and all the guests will love their little thoughtful gifts.

Love is love and it knows no seasonal boundaries. So, if you want to get married in winter, use these tips to organize a fairytale wedding that will result in awesome photos, many unforgettable memories and a ton of laughs, hugs and kisses. Congrats, to the happy couple!

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