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Sumissura | Custom Women’s Tuxedos and Women’s Suits

Finding the perfect fitting women’s wedding pantsuit and women’s tuxedo is no longer a struggle. Sumissura is an online custom clothing company that has made finding your perfect fit of clothing a luxury not only for the wealthy anymore.

Sumissura | Lesbian Women’s Tuxedos & Pantsuits
Photo Credit: @cherryblossom_mexico Sumissura | Lesbian Women’s Tuxedos & Pantsuits

Sumissura was founded in 2008 and creates custom shirts,jeans, polos, suits, blazer and wedding attire for women of all shapes, sizes and gender identities.

Transgender women and lesbians no longer have to search high and low to find their perfect fitting wedding suit. Looking for an all white pants suit that is tailored to your exact measurements? Sumissura is your store. Need a purple velvet wedding suit for your fall wedding? Sumissura has all many beautiful fabric samples you can get shipped to your home to review before purchase.

When you shop their custom clothing you get your exact fit and there is zero waste. By now we are all aware of fast fashion and the waste that comes with the global problem. Custom clothing eliminates this as each piece you order is made for you and your body.

Sumissura | Lesbian Custom Wedding Pantsuit
Photo Credit: @cassondremae_photography Sumissura | Lesbian Custom Wedding Pantsuit

When they say made to measure they mean it. Their clothing will fit your body perfectly. No need to worry or focus on a size anymore – the clothes you order are created using your exact body measurements and laser cut. No need to worry about alterations again as each piece is made to fit you.

Many complaints from trans women, is that finding women’s pants that have pockets is impossible. Or that the women’s clothing stores make their bodies look androgynous, or too baggy in the wrong places. Sometimes items are too tight and don’t flatter their newly transitioning bodies. Sumissura takes this frustration away but allowing you to customize your clothing to your specific needs.

Custom clothing gives you the to design your own clothes from a wide range of style and fabrics. You can order fabric samples before committing.

Sumissura is the fastest made to measure clothing company in the world. From the time you send your measurements and choose your fabrics – you will receive your order in 15 days! You also receive free shipping on orders over $150. Their perfect fit guarantee means that if you need to alter the piece in any way they pick up the tab also, if it doesn’t fit, they will remake it for you.

Sumissura | Trans Women Custom Wedding Suits
Photo Credit: @neworleansweddings Sumissura | Lesbian Women Custom Wedding Suits

Their women’s suits are perfect for same sex couples and lesbian weddings as they are made to fit your exact measurements. The LGBT community has struggled for years to find pantsuits that fit a women’s body and Sumissura has the best solution at a price point that is affordable. This is an easy, online and fairly priced solution with plenty of awesome fabric options to choose from.

To get started, create an account, upload your measurements, select your fabric and design your suit style. Use coupon code #sumipridezillas10 to get 10% off your first order.

Sumissura | Lesbian Women’s Tuxedos & Pantsuits
Photo Credit: @milanacle Sumissura | Lesbian Women’s Tuxedos & Pantsuits
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