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Our friend and local Chicago Gay Wedding Photographer, Mike Lackovich gave PZ a shout out on The Daily Kos this week. What an awesome way to start the New Years gift & a flattering, sweet gesture!

Mike is a Chicago native and started his career by forming his forward-minded website, He was frustrated that heterosexual couples had many resources when planning their wedding but felt the LGBT community was left out.

When he started his website, there were many LGBT couples planning their civil unions but afraid of encountering discrimination by wedding professionals.

He discovered while Chicago was fortunate in that homophobia is not prevalent, it does however, still exist in parts of Illinois and throughout our country.

His goal was to offer services that people could be happy with without worrying about being discriminating against or worrying about what people were thinking of them while they were committing their lives to the ones they love.

He also found that some people were not taking gay commitment as serious or with the same importance as a straight wedding. He found that some wedding vendors viewed it as a joke or of lesser importance.

This experience stirred something inside of him and motivated him to set up his business to show that gays are capable of having loving, committed relationships.

Mike is currently in a same sex relationship and has been with his partner for nearly a decade. He is a proud veteran of both the US Navy and US Army.

Mike is one example and one of several reasons why Pridezillas was formed. We are passionate that all tax-paying citizens deserve to be treated equally under the law. Every couple in a loving relationship that wants to commit their lives to each other deserves respect and that feeling of extreme joy and love that a wedding day brings to them and their families.

Since Illinois past marriage equality in November, Mike has rightfully changed his website to

Check out Mike’s website and his listing on Pridezillas.

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