The latest trends in planning a sophisticated wedding


If this is your wedding day or even the season leading up to the big day, you are probably scouring magazines and other trendy resources. But, first, you need to know and pick the latest wedding trends to have the best event. Have your best photos and videos with incredible scenery captured by darwin wedding photography. Then sit back, relax, and have fun knowing that your wedding is in good hands. By using the right colors, photography sessions, floral arrangements and the best venue, your wedding will be the top this season. Below are the latest trends to watch out for when planning a sophisticated wedding.


Regal fashion statements


With wedding dress designers coming up with newer ways to spice up weddings, you are likely to see a change in most clothing designs. Brides are also eager to embrace extravagant designs that cause vintage nostalgia among the attendees. Upcoming fashion statements from 3D floral designs and the use of pearls is quite popular. Pearl and 3D floral wedding dress designs bring out the elegance to the wedding gown and celebration as a whole.


The use of outdoor spaces


Outdoor spaces are among the latest trends when planning for a wedding due to the feeling that they bring. By moving from the typical indoor wedding settings to the outdoors couples can enjoy some time with nature. They can also capture their most memorable day with ease.


Vibrant colors, themes, and vibes


With the importance of wedding colors in décor planning, the idea is to add some vibe to the wedding décor and color palette. More people are incorporating natural elements like marble, wood tones and stone in their décor and themes. These colors always add an elegance that never goes out of style both to your wedding and photos.


Evolved wedding cake designs


Wedding cakes which are a must-have have also evolved with an extra glam added to their overall look. Bakers are embracing different shapes and sizes and ending up with stunning cake designs that add an exquisite color and texture to weddings.


Spectacular floral trends


The floral trends have made quite a twist with many using vibrant colors like gold, silver, ultra violet, and the use of real floral accessories. Breathtaking décor trends, hues and themes like gold and silver that add a warmer touch are common. Pop-ups of vibrant colors are showing up in most of the wedding from the bridesmaids’ apparel, wedding décor to the floral designs.


Well-designed floral arrangements, bouquets and centerpieces, incorporate elements offer a heavenward experience. Hanging floral arrangements, abundant greenery, fresh blooms and simpler centerpieces that add some elegance to the design are the new thing. 


Geometric floral arrangements are still trending and cool designs can be incorporated into either the glassware, architectural or sculptural centerpieces. The florals can be displayed on the ceiling, archways, and even furniture. These create a vibrant mood, especially if you plan on holding an after-party at the same venue.


With these brand-new wedding trends and the help of a top planner, you can expect to have the best wedding. Whether you go for personalized table arrangements or any other of these latest trends, they will blow your mind.