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The Most Scenic Places to Get Married in the UK


There is something uniquely memorable with tying the knot with your significant other in the UK. The peaceful countryside atmosphere and rich history of the UK are ripe for the pickings for the romantic in you. If you do plan on getting hitched in the UK, might we recommend six of the most scenic and romantic places to get married in Great Britain?

  1. Hever Castle and Gardens

When you think Great Britain, you think glorious and magnificent castles. If you do plan on getting married in the UK, one of the most popular venue to hold such a momentous occasion is in one of their grandiose castles.

The Hever Castles and Gardens, which is located in Hever, Kent, near Edenbridge is a sprawling castle estate that perfectly encapsulates the remarkable history and tradition of Great Britain. Built during the 13th century, Hever Castles began as a country estate and is the childhood home of Anne Boleyn.

Every corridor of Hever Castle and Gardens exudes an air of reverence; you can feel centuries worth of history from each of the hallowed halls. This is a stunning wedding venue that delivers on the grandeur of days gone.

  1. Corsewall Lighthouse Hotel, Stranraer

I’ve always had an affinity to lighthouses; something about being in the precipice of both land and sea is quite a romantic notion. This is why the Corsewall Lighthouse Hotel is included in this list. Looking out to the Irish Sea, the Corsewall Lighthouse is a fantastic and awe-inspiring venue to hold a wedding.

With the ceremony held on the cliff side facing the sea, it is as romantic as you can get with a wedding ceremony. This wedding venue provides a retro feel for those who prefer a wedding that blends a modest aesthetic with an emotionally stirring atmosphere.

  1. Lutzy Glaze Beach, Cornwall

Situated within a picturesque seaside town is the Lutzy Glaze Beach. With 75 miles of coastline and peppered with secluded coves, the Lutzy Glaze might be the perfect place for couples planning a coastal wedding.

This hidden paradise can be found in a cove near Newquay and is located within a private beach. Renting Lutzy Glaze for your wedding will allow couples exclusive use of the said beach, from the top of the cliffside down to the shore.

Lutzy Glaze also offers a variety of wedding theme options for couples to turn their dream wedding into a reality. Couples will also gain access to the beach’s on-site restaurant. Which specializes if delicious fish dishes, which completes the atmosphere as you enjoy the relaxing crashing of the waves on the shore nearby.

  1. Le Petit Chateau, Northumberland

Are you looking for a fairy tale wedding? Look no further than the Le Petit Chateau. Located in Northumbrian countryside, the peaceful ambience of the area is as close to being in a faraway magical land as you can get. Also, this venue comes with its fire fountain to truly complete that enchanted atmosphere.

The venue is filled with jaw-dropping options for the wedding ceremony. The Belle Epoque chapel features such a fantastical design that it might be the only chapel of its kind. Afterwards, the reception can be held in the Mediterranean Terrace, in full view of the otherworldly looking fire fountain. Le Petit Chateau also provides a couple with quite a flexible pricing option.

  1. Spitbank Fort, Hampshire

Don’t let the name fool you, where else can you rent a whole mini island for your wedding day? Located and isolated off of Portsmouth, Spitbank Fort offers a unique wedding experience for couples who adore the quiet.

Spitbank Fort also provides guests with an open-air hot pool, fire pit, and several activities. Reception can be made in the fort’s Laurent Perrier Champagne bar while enjoying the sunset over on the horizon.

What’s more? Spitbank Fort also features nine-bedroom suites, so no need to hop on a boat and travel back to land after the ceremony and celebration just yet. Spitbank Fort offers a memorable experience that your guests will surely remember for years.

  1. Oldwalls, Gower, South Wales

Oldwalls in South Wales is one of the more famous wedding venues located within the Gower peninsula, named Britain’s first area of outstanding beauty. Situated amongst 50 acres of countryside, you will have exclusive access to the grounds with breathtaking scenery and views of the water. The award-winning venue is perfect for couples looking for a unique, luxury wedding celebration with friends and family.

Final Thoughts

These are but a handful of stunning places to get married in the UK. No matter your ideal wedding theme is, you can guarantee that you will find the one perfect venue here in the UK.

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