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Rocky & Linda have been together for over 6 years and are engaged to be married this year in Chicago. Rocky is the CEO of, a blog that reaches a larger audience of studs across the globe. Their mission is to help provide an expansive view of the Stud Lifestyle. She shared with us her advice on bridegroom attire tips and more.

The Wedding Race is when brides and grooms in the City of Chicago race to find the last minute wedding accommodations. The summer, “Fa get about it”! Trying to find rental spaces, hotels, restaurants, and banquet halls are nearly impossible to nail down, especially on holiday weekends. What were we thinking? My lovely fiancée and I have been working out on the race track of impossibilities. If we just hold out a week or so we will benefit from having a huge discount but we are so adamant about the date that we end up moving closer to the big day and face even bigger obstacles. The crazy thing is that I worked for a tuxedo company for over 4 years. That’s 4 years of meticulous brides, prom moms, and angry senora trying to match vest colors for a cotillion. I have helped hundreds of brides with wedding invitations, bridal shop locations, flower shops, limousines, you name it I peddled it! Funny thing is Linda and I don’t have any of these things nailed down currently. There are several things that factor into this equation, finance primarily followed immediately by the angst of planning any big event, as a matter of fact this will be the biggest event you plan in your life. Okay brides, let’s take a deep breath and focus on the big stuff…
1. Make a list, create a book, or get a calendar tattoo on your forearm, just write everything down. You should probably organize it…js

2. The Hall- Get it done! Fact is people will remember the hall if it’s fabulous but is that what you really want the guest to remember?

3. The Dress- That’s what you want the guest to remember! Be sure you get out of the confines of your home and away from the computer. Pictures look great on the internet on a size zilch body. Round up the bestie posse, your mom and head North young (wo)man! While you’re there peruse bridesmaids dresses, you’re in the bridal shop might as well get that out of the way. You are now one less check away from Nirvana.

4. This is a biggie, let the groom/bridegroom look at tuxedos and bring as many of the groom/bridegroom’s people as you can on this journey. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION: People tend to prioritize getting sized for a tuxedo underneath buying underwear at Walmart. Brides, this is when the Pridezilla in you starts to rear its ugly little head. Calm down! Get the groomsmen/bridegroom’s people together on one day, let them know to bring the deposit for their tuxedos, and no matter how much they put off getting measured, there’s a 80% chance they won’t lose a pound. Be prepared to bring a few extra dollars in the event one of the groomsmen/bridegroom’s people doesn’t have the deposit. Let the groom/bridegroom know their opinion counts even though it doesn’t and gently coerce them into your decision. While you’re there…

5. Look at invitations. Yeah I said it! Check out the invitations at the tuxedo shop. Almost all tuxedo shops offer invitations for 50% off when you book tuxedos with them. It’s very affordable, usually 10% over cost. I highly suggest this. They usually sell all the big name invitations as well. This goes the same for bridal shops but I still believe the discount is bigger at tuxedo shops.

Almost every other thing you can find for a discount at tuxedo and bridal shops. Ask about discounts on limousines, DJs, flowers, and cakes. It never hurts to ask. Keep an eye on their register counter that’s where they usually keep cross business promotion flyers and business cards, and be sure to get the store managers’ business cards so you can let the other businesses know that the Store Manager at XYZ shop sent you.

To recap I want to close with a few suggestions of places that I think you would benefit from on your search….

Tuxedos- Formally Modern Tuxedo on Clybourn, with convenient locations in Illinois. I speak from the heart when I tell you can’t get better help anywhere in Chicago. This group of professionals has been in the tuxedo business their whole lives. They are meticulous when it comes to paying close attention to quality, fit, and feel of the garments. Don’t even get me started on the tuxedos by top designers. They are certain to make the groomsmen/bridegrooms people look impeccable. Here’s the best part, if you just don’t have any idea where to begin let them steer you in the right direction they are sure to keep your look picture perfect. I know I have concerns when it comes to fit because let’s face it I’m a woman and I am not getting into a dress! The bridegroom’s people will look fantastic I guarantee you. I have my wedding registered there and highly recommend it.

The thing that all of these shops have in common is hundreds of years of combined wedding knowledge, I promise you will not be sorry. Everything else should be gravy just be sure to keep the pridezilla in you at bay until necessary. Do you have any questions, comments, or concerns? Contact me

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