Things Not to Forget If You’re Planning a New Year’s Eve Wedding


Just imagine inviting your family and friends to come to your wedding party for the New Year! Holiday spirit, New Year’s euphoria, the atmosphere of joy and idyll – is there a better time of the year to organize a magical wedding? We are sure there is none. The magic of the craziest night is emotional, optimistic and simply happy for everyone. And you will be with your loved ones that night.


Choose the best jewelry


Wedding jewelry plays a very important role when it comes to the beauty and style of brides and grooms. If you are not sure what to pick find here your inspiration. The wedding decoration is accompanied by the choice of wedding dress. What makes the main wedding accessory is certainly the jewelry that undoubtedly completes the look perfectly.


Do everything on time!


It is very important to reserve your hall for celebration in advance since on New Year’s Eve many places are reserved in advance. Let’s not forget to also let our guests know in advance. Normally wedding invitations are distributed about 2-3 months before the wedding. But because your wedding is on New Years Eve it would be ideal to notify your guests with a “Remember the Date” about 5-6 months before in advance.


Look the same or different?


Choosing the same look for the ceremony is an exclusive privilege of same-sex marriage. So if the dress or suits are the same, it is ideal that you work together to make an impact on the guests. Remember that it is likely that one of you will have to give in to the other’s taste in choosing the costume (or matching the taste of both). If you choose different looks, the interesting thing is that you can choose the same style of clothing. Don’t forget that your wedding is on the New Year Eve so make sure your suits and dresses are done before December and that your outfits are party-ready


Flowers and colors


The colors of your wedding day should be gold, silver, red, white, green, and black. Of course, remember to combine up to three shades of color. For flowers, you can use orchids, Christmas stars, lilies… Everything can be full of sequins, glitters, crystals… Everything is allowed in this night, nothing is too much.


Make plans for the future


Everyone knows that the New Year is a time to make resolutions, aspirations, and plans for next year. Incorporating them into your wedding will be awesome! Have your guests write their goals on cards hanging from a tree, set up a panel for them to take pictures of what they want for next year, or give them cards to write their goals and take them home.


Don’t forget your New Year decorations


The characteristic New Year / Christmas decoration brings to winter weddings specific, unforgettable warmth that we all gladly return to every year. So why not make this style part of your wedding? Evergreen twigs, red berries, snow-white details and some gold or silver ornaments are a must-have! The most preferred colors in your style and decoration should be gold and silver.


Decorated Christmas trees are a must-have part of your wedding. New Year’s light bulbs, fairy lights or bells – all are welcome for a holiday-style wedding, as are fireworks and sprinklers. Don’t forget paper ornaments, such as snowflakes or flowers, that you can easily make yourself, and save some money.


Gifts for everyone!


Because it is a double celebration, you can have a party table at your wedding. Leave around cap-cylinders worn on New Year’s Eve, small crowns, and everything else that would say Happy New Wedding. You can make your wedding invitations in the style of a midnight clock.




Your guests, at a minimum, will be waiting for the countdown! Create something special for this moment and make sure someone with a microphone is available to announce the countdown.