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Three Easy Ways to Make Your Wedding Memories Last

Getting married to your partner feels incredible. Even though your unity results in just a little piece of paper, it feels so good to be able to say that you’re together forever.

You can cherish a happy marriage for a lifetime, but the wedding itself…well, that flies by before you know it. You’ll be in shock how quickly the day can go. This can be hard to accept. Especially when you’ve spent so long planning things for the perfect event and you only have a few hours to enjoy it.

Because your wedding day is over before you know it, here are three tips to set up some ways that will capture the magic of your big day so you can appreciate it forever.

You Should Preserve Your Wedding Dress or Dresses

If one or both of you decides to wear a wedding dress on your day, you might feel reluctant to let go of it. It’s hard for some to take it off at the end of the day, knowing you can’t ever put it back on in public again.

With preservation, you can keep your gown in the pristine shape it was in on your wedding day. You can even pass it on to your children without fear that it has turned colors or disintegrated with age. With a simple setup, wedding gown preservation is easy.

What’s more, most methods of wedding gown preservation today let you open your dress and put it back without ruining the preservation that’s been done. This is much better than previous preservation methods, which sealed a dress behind plastic. You were unable to be access and reseal it without ruining all the preservation work.

If your wedding dress is something you want to cherish again and again in the years to come you should definitely consider having it preserved.

Make Sure You Have The Right Kind of Photographer or Videographer Set Up For You

Another way that you can make those special memories last, is not only by getting a good photographer, but the right photography setup for the kind of couple you are.

When you’re selecting a photography team think about how you would like your photographs taken. Are you interested in posed or candid shots? Do you want mostly pictures of you two or do you want a lot of your crowd? Do you watch home videos and therefore want a videographer in addition to a photographer? Or do your home movies sit on the shelf collecting dust? If so your money could be better spent elsewhere.

You can also think about how many photographers you want roving around at the same time to capture the action. Do you like to have multiple shots from different perspectives of the same thing? Or are you happy with keeping some moments off the page?

Ultimately you know yourselves best, just make sure you pair up with the photography team that can capture all your majesty in a way that works for you.

Leave Each Other Messages That No One Else Sees

Lastly, give each other something for just the two of you to remember. Write a note or record a secret message on a phone that only you two can see. You can make this message separately or together, but just take two minutes to find a way to capture exactly how you feel, honestly.

Write or record everything you’re feeling for just one second, even if it means putting down that you’re tired, and overwhelmed. Looking back you’ll be glad you have an honest and unfiltered memory to recall that you can laugh or smile about.

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