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So, the wedding is approaching and you are ready for a great honeymoon, but the stress is not letting up. There is still travel, the breakdown of the wedding venue and the actual honeymoon to think of. We will give you a few tips on how to de-stress what should be the greatest vacation of your life.

Maid of Honor & Best Man

The maid of honor and/or the best man, of a wedding, are not just there for the wedding photos. They have responsibilities to take care of. While we appreciate the efforts they make, do not forget them when you are making the end of the wedding plans. Be sure you assign the duties to take care of the details that you should not have to think of after you depart for the airport.

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Have your attendants make sure the venue has been cleaned and rented equipment is returned. Flowers that are to be donated to nursing homes and any items that need to have a deposit collected on should fall under their responsibility.

Ship items ahead

If you are having your wedding in one location then traveling to a second location for the honeymoon, do not try to take everything you need with you. You can always order the wedding dress or suit online and after few trial agree with the agency to deliver it on the wedding spot. For example, if you are having a beach wedding, in Ocean city and you are going to Hawaii for the honeymoon, gather items like sunscreen, toiletries, maps and tours and extra clothes and ship them to your hotel in Hawaii. It will make travel much easier.


The truth is, honeymoons can be very expensive. Honeymoon registries take the stress out of the planning because you plan it before you go. Then you post it to your Plumfund or Honeyfund account with the prices of the events you would like to use.

As your guest try to gift you with money for the honeymoon they will put the funds against the event. You can pay for most of the event right from the site or easily take the funds out to pay the company. If you see that you are not getting enough money, it gives you time to adjust your desires and move money around to fill your honeymoon without any problem before you go.

Make it easy on yourself and consolidate

There are so many great wedding venues, that offer everything, why not have the wedding and the honeymoon in the same place? You were planning a wedding in Ocean City. It has a beach, a boardwalk, and lots of fun things for your guests and family.

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But Ocean City also has beautiful resort hotels that have wedding venues inside or beach weddings that are offered in package deals that will fit any budget and are so easy to use that you can eliminate a lot of the work you are going to go have if you do it on your own.

You do not have to leave the area to go to the honeymoon suite and you do not have to entertain guests who may opt to stay in town. Make your own plans and enjoy your special day.

Take time for the thank yous in advance

The weekend before the wedding, take an evening to take the bridal party to dinner or out for drinks. The planning is done and everyone needs a deep breath for the ceremony. Don’t forget – you are all stressed up. Planning even the sweet delivery for the pre-wedding parties can be stress if you don’t have enough time – so this is the time to thank them for their work. This allows you a resting time and a time to let your hair down. It will make the wedding day and departure for the honeymoon much less stressful.

Consider your guests carefully

We all have those people in our lives that seem to crave drama. We cannot avoid it. So, put them in positions that will allow less access to them.

If you cannot cut them out of the wedding (and most of us cannot) then put them in a position (like the keeper of the guest book or parking lot attendant) that will limit their opportunity to draw all eyes to them. This is your day and you have a right to have the wedding of your dreams. Even if that means your future sister-in-law can spend hours making rice bags. Be polite but do not let anyone ruin your day.


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