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Top Colorado Gay Wedding Photographers

Discover the top Colorado gay wedding photographers. Find the perfect photographer to capture memorable shots of your ceremony and reception. There are many great wedding photographers in the Colorado area. This can make it hard to find the right one for your wedding. In order to make this process easier, we have put together a list of top photographers.

If you are trying to find a pro photographer for your Colorado same-sex wedding, then browse this list. Here are our top Colorado gay wedding photographers:

Amanda Baker Photography

Amanda Baker Photography – “Love is love! We believe everyone has the right to live in love, smile in happiness, and celebrate marriage with the person they call their partner.”

Located in Denver, Amanda Baker Photography fully supports LGBTQ rights and would love to help capture unforgettable memories during your big day. They will work with you to ensure you have a selection of photos that match your vision.


Nicole Nichols Photography – “Everyone deserves to love and be loved and have equal marriage rights!”

Nicole Nichols Photography can document your special event in a fun and funky way. In addition to photographs of your wedding, they offer photo booths and videography services. Document your wedding with the help of the professionals at Nicole Nichols Photography.

Mathew Irving Photography – “Because love knows no bounds! We want to document real life, real love, and real weddings from every walk of life!”

Mathew Irving Photography is available for your wedding. A recently married husband and wife duo are the people behind Mathew Irving Photography. They would love to be the ones chosen to capture special moments throughout your ceremony and reception.

Bridget Marie Images – “Everyone deserves a fairytale, let me capture yours. Love is for everyone.”

Bridget Marie Images is an LGBT-friendly photographer based out of Denver and serving the greater Denver metro area. She will help come up with a photography plan for your wedding that covers all of your needs. Every wedding is unique and different and Bridget Marie Images can help capture this.

Brian Kraft Photography – “I just can’t imagine why we wouldn’t celebrate everyone’s love.”

Brian Kraft Photography is another great option to consider. Allow a professional to document all of the moments that you might miss out on while you are busy with your big day. Contact Brian Kraft Photography to learn more.

Alison Rose Photo – “I believe everyone has the right to be legally married. It’s all about love, and those who love each other and want to commit deserve to have equal rights.”

Alison Rose is an award-winning photographer, receiving recognition from the WPJA (Wedding Photojournalist Association). Alison Rose definitely deserves a spot on this list of top Colorado gay wedding photographers.

Dusty Image – “As a gay business owner, it gives me so much joy to be photographing gay couples from the community.”

Dusty Images offers cutting edge photography services, including professional wedding photography. Dusty Images is owned and operated by a gay business owner who truly enjoys helping to support the LGBT community. While Dusty Images is based out of Denver, they are available for work outside of the city.

Meredith Harris Photographers – “Love is love. Our job is to capture it, not judge its existence. Equal rights are important to humanity.”

Based out of the Denver area, Meredith Harris Photographers is a great option for your cosmopolitan wedding. Consider contacting Meredith Harris Photographers if you are still searching for top Colorado gay wedding photographers.


Along with this list of top Colorado gay wedding photographers, you should look at our entire list of Colorado gay wedding vendors. You will find venues, decorations, cakes, hair and makeup, and other vendors to help create the perfect wedding.

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