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Discover a wide selection of equality rings by browsing our list of the top gay and lesbian wedding ring vendors. Finding wedding rings is not always an easy process. These rings will symbolize the love between you and your partner for the rest of your life. This makes choosing the right rings a major decision. You should first think about the color of the metal you prefer, set a budget, size your ring, and start your search early.

If you are still searching for the perfect wedding rings, then we have the list for you. Browse the following list of our top gay and lesbian wedding ring vendors.

Rainbow Wedding Band | New World Diamonds | Lab Grown | LGBT Friendly
Rainbow Wedding Band | New World Diamonds | Lab Grown | LGBT Friendly
2.5 Carat Total Weight Olive Diamonds Yellow Gold Eternity Band
Olive Diamonds Yellow Gold Eternity Band | New World Diamonds | LGBT Friendly Wedding Rings

New World Diamonds “Diamonds are for everyone. We proudly support the LGBT community.”

New World Diamonds believes that diamonds are for everyone and that life’s moments should be celebrated no matter what’s being celebrated. 

They are manufacturers of Lab Grown Diamonds which are the only eco-friendly diamonds in the world. Lab Grown Diamonds are a fraction of the price of mined diamonds which means that diamonds are now for every budget. You no longer need middlemen and storefronts to create a stunning piece of jewelry you and your partner will cherish for years to come. Welcome to the world of Lab Grown Diamonds. 

New World Diamonds has a vast array of multi-colored, lab-grown diamonds for sale. You can purchase loose stones or eternity bands, wedding rings and jewelry online and they ship throughout the United States. If you don’t see a style or stone shape you like they can custom make your stone and setting. 

LGBT Weddings Rings and Wedding Bands | LOLIDE Handcrafted Jewelry
LGBT Weddings Rings and Wedding Bands | LOLIDE Handcrafted Jewelry

Lolide “Love is love. It should be disseminated, not legislated.” 

Lolide specializes in creating unique, modern engagement rings, uncommon wedding bands and artful wedding jewelry, using traditional and modern techniques, recycled metals and conflict-free stones. Her designs meld organic and industrial shapes and have a sculptural focus. Lolide values all unions and strive to use her work as a means of making a better community for everyone.

Lolide is Seattle based, and recognizes the dearth of options for those who want an alternative to conventional wedding traditions while still being able to celebrate their love and commitment. Her stunning gender neutral wedding bands and rings help  fill a void in the industry. She creates stunning rings and wedding bands that feel special, but simple with an understand elegance and rings that appeal to the variety of all people what to share a symbol of their unique love story.

Gay Wedding Rings | Carolyn Nicole Designs
Carolyn Nicole Designs | LGBT Wedding Rings and Jewelry

Carolyn Nicole Designs – “We support marriage equality because everyone deserves an equal chance at their own happily ever after.”

Carolyn Nicole Designs has something for everyone and is one of the top gay and lesbian wedding ring vendors. The majority of her collection is comprised of vintage jewelry covering a wide range of themes and styles. Though, she also offers custom jewelry to meet your specific needs. If you are looking for something truly original, visit her website today.

Rony Tennenbaum Diamond Rings | LGBT Friendly wedding Bands and Rings

Rony Tennenbaum – “… I believe that society has an obligation to accept every union, commitment, partnership, marriage equally without prejudice or judgment.” New York, NY

Rony Tennenbaum is a professional jewelry designer that is capable of creating the most exquisite pieces. Find inspirational designs or allow Rony to create an original design that captures the importance of the solid foundation that you are creating with your partner.

Aide-mémoire Jewelry | Gay And Lesbian Wedding Jewelers
Aide-mémoire Jewelry | Gay And Lesbian Wedding Jewelers

Aide-memoire Jewelry – “Because everyone should have the right to the same liberties, freedoms, protections, and respect.” Seattle, Washington

Aran, the owner of Aide-memoire Jewelry, is dedicated to being environmentally conscious. They use 100% recycled precious metals, recycled diamonds, and gemstones, and ethical fair-trade. The unique handmade creations available through Aide-memoire Jewelry feature a simplicity and modesty that symbolize the essence of equality and integrity.

Gay Wedding Rings | Lesbian Wedding Rings | EraGem
Gay Wedding Rings | Lesbian Wedding Rings | EraGem

EraGem – “Marriage is a commitment between individuals to be celebrated by their families and their community.” Bellevue, Washington

Located in downtown Bellevue, EraGem specializes in vintage engagement rings that cover the entire spectrum of the rainbow. You can shop for rainbow rings through their website or make an appointment to visit their private showroom.

Woolton & Hewiit | PRIDE Focused & Designed Rings | LGBT Owned 

Woolton & Hewitt – “As a gay couple and founders of Woolton & Hewitt, we are very proud that same-sex relationships like ours are now being formally recognized in countries and states across the world.”

Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire

Based out of the UK, you can browse equality rings available from Woolton & Hewitt by shopping their website. Find the perfect rings to symbolize your commitment to your partner. You will find everything from classic, luxurious rings to plain wedding bands.

Mcfarland Designs
Mcfarland Designs

McFarland Designs – “Love is love. More love is good.” Bayside, CA

Browse beautiful original jewelry or order custom jewelry from McFarland Designs. 5% of all gross sales is donated to charity. They specialize in eco-friendly equality rings for all.

Hawaii Titanium Rings
Hawaii Titanium Rings | LGBT Designs | Wedding Rings

Hawaii Titanium Rings – “Because it is fair.”Kailua-Kona, HI

Order custom engagement rings and rainbow rings straight from the island of Hawaii. The rings available from Hawaii Titanium Rings are handmade to order. Choose from titanium bands inlaid with wood, diamonds, stone, carbon fiber, and other materials.

Global Rings Jewelry
Global Rings Jewelry

Global Rings Jewelry – “… Getting married is all about being with the person you love and care about and gender has nothing to do with it.” Los Angeles, CA

Global Rings Jewelry has been in business since 1983. Since then, they have built a solid reputation for offering a wide assortment of stunning jewelry. They have just about everything you could want. They also have their own team of award-winning jewelry designers for custom pieces.

We hope that you find what you are looking for from one of these many fine jewelers. These are just a few of the best ring vendors in the nation. In addition to these top gay and lesbian ring vendors, you can browse for other vendors. This includes caterers, venues, decorators, wedding planners, DJ’s, dresses, tuxes, and any other vendors you may need. Start planning the perfect wedding with a little help from our directory of LGBT-friendly wedding vendors.

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