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Top Hawaii Gay Wedding Photographers

Are you still looking for the right photographer for your Hawaii same-sex wedding? We have compiled a list of some of our favorite LGBT-friendly wedding photographers located in Hawaii. You will find a great selection of amazing top Hawaii gay wedding photographers. For the couple getting married, the entire day can go by so quickly. Hiring a quality photographer will ensure you have mementos of the moments you may have missed.

Browse this list of our top Hawaii gay wedding photographers:

Love and Water Photography

Love and Water Photography – “We love love!”

First up in our list of top Hawaii gay wedding photographers is Love and Water Photography. They specialize in beach weddings. Make sure that you capture the beauty of Hawaii with the help of photographers that know how to incorporate the surrounding landscape.

Honolulu Gay Wedding Photographer | Jenna Lee Pictures

Jenna Lee Pictures – “Love is sweet & we all deserve to marry our soulmate.”

Based out of Honolulu, Jenna Lee Pictures is proud to serve the LGBT community. Jenna Less was ranked as a top 20 wedding photographer in the state of Hawaii, making her a great choice for capturing special moments during your wedding.

Honolulu Gay-Friendly Wedding Photographer | Marcia Campbell Photography

Marcia Campbell Photography – “Differences is what makes life interesting. I stand for justice, honor, and beauty for all.”

Marcia Campbell is a professional photographer who has proudly served the Honolulu area since 1993. Marcia is a true artist and ensures every shot is a work of art. A high-value photographer, it is no wonder that Marcia Campbell Photography made our list of top Hawaii gay wedding photographers.

Mau Loa Studio – “We honor love! We believe that marriage is the ultimate expression of love and we support and celebrate all love.”

Mau Loa Studio is located in Waikoloa Village but serves all of the islands of Hawaii. In addition to pro photography services, Mau Loa Studio also provides videography services to ensure every moment is captured on film.

Shannon Sasaki Photography – “Because marriage is a human right and everyone should be entitled to love who they want. Love will always win in my eyes.”

Shannon Sasaki Photography is another of our top Hawaii gay wedding photographers. If you want a modern, candid set of wedding photos, you should contact Shannon Sasaki Photography. Shannon Sasaki focuses on capturing your true personality.

Love Story Weddings Photography – “I am just not against it. Who has right to stop their free will? No one!”

Love Story Weddings Photography is located in Honolulu and is proud to serve the entire LGBT community. They make it their goal to capture every special moment of your ceremony and reception.

Charla Photography – “I believe in love, respect, appreciation, and growing old together.”

Charla Photography serves the LGBT communities of Kona and the islands of Hawaii. Charla believes in capturing spontaneous and candid moments throughout your ceremony and reception. This results in truly remarkable photographs that capture the emotion of your big day.

Kauai Video Productions – “I believe that every person on our planet is a being of God and that it’s his or her birthright in our civilized world to a life without persecution, harassment, or exclusion from marriage based upon race, color, sexual orientation…”

Kauai Video Productions is operated by Difraser – an experienced filmmaker with years of experience as a professional photographer and videographer. Whether you want photographer services or a videographer, Kauai Video Productions has you covered.


In addition to hiring top Hawaii gay wedding photographers, you will need to find other vendors for your wedding. If you are still making your wedding arrangements, then take a moment to browse our complete list of Hawaii gay-friendly wedding vendors.

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