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Top Virginia Gay Wedding Venues

As you start planning your same-sex wedding in Virginia, there are a few major decisions that you need to take care of as soon as possible. This includes choosing locations for your ceremony, reception, and rehearsal dinner. You also need to find a photographer, officiant, and possibly a DJ.

Finding the right spot for your ceremony or reception is not always easy. In order to simplify the process, here is a selection of our favorite Virginia gay wedding venues.

Bandit's Ridge | Gay Friendly Wedding Venue Virginia

Bandit’s Ridge – “Marriage is a relationship between two special people. People decide who they are the happiest with, not me.”

Bandit’s Ridge is a gorgeous venue. This picturesque estate in central Virginia has a number of charming amenities to make your wedding a memorable experience. You will find everything for a rustic, country-style, or southern wedding.

Virginia Gay Friendly Boutique Hotel | Hotel Laurance

Hotel Laurance – “We believe in liberty and equality for ALL! Love wins!”

If you are looking for a more conventional option for your wedding reception, then consider choosing the Hotel Laurance. This beautiful boutique hotel has 12 rooms, a full kitchen, and a variety of activities to help make your wedding a special occasion. Hotel Laurance is located in Luray, Virginia, which is famous for its underground caves, nearby mountain ranges, and the beautiful Shenandoah river.

Ward Center for Contemporary Art Gay Wedding Venue

The Ward Center for Contemporary Art – “There is nothing more artistic than loving people.”

The newly renovated Ward Center for Contemporary Art is a sophisticated setting for your same-sex wedding. Just 25 minutes from Richmond, this spacious gallery can accommodate 250 guests. It includes a full kitchen facility, along with a bridal suite.

Art Works Gallery

Art Works Gallery – “Love is the greatest work of art there is and everyone deserves to create their own masterpiece with the one they love! LOVE IS LOVE!”

The Art Works Gallery in Richmond is a unique choice for your wedding ceremony or reception. Add a splash of class to your wedding by choosing a destination that features three elegant event halls. These halls can accommodate between 30 and 250 people. In addition to spacious accommodations for your reception, you will find modern art lining the walls.


Along with these wonderful options, you can find photographers, wedding planners, entertainment, transportation, and other vendors by browsing our full selection of Virginia gay wedding vendors. Take your time when considering your options. There are many great choices to look at. Explore all of your options with your partner and then start contacting gay wedding vendors in the Virginia area.

In addition to Virginia gay wedding venues, you might want to look at nearby wedding venues in neighboring regions. Depending on where in Virginia you plan on getting married, you may be able to hop over to Maryland or DC to find a suitable venue.

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