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True Blue Band – Chicago Gay & Lesbian Wedding Entertainment

The True Blue Band is based out of Evanston and serves the greater Chicagoland area. They’ve been proudly helping both ‘gay and straight’ clients celebrate their love for more than 20 years. They want to serve more LGBT weddings. “We actually performed at the very first same-sex wedding in Chicago!’ says Bill. The True Blue Band wants to play at more same-sex weddings because they want to help ‘share the love’. They also want your business.

The True Blue Band is not homophobic in any way says Bill Pollack. “I fired a guy back in the 90’s because his prejudices against gay rights didn’t fit in with the band”. In fact, two of their band members are gay! Performing for same-sex weddings is amazing because it means “more chances to do what we love – entertaining and rocking your wedding”.

Everyone knows the music makes the party – and no one knows this better than Bill Pollack, owner and found of Bill Pollack Music and True Blue Band.

We chatted with Bill Pollack to find out more about how he got started in the wedding entertainment industry and the newest trends on what he’s seeing more of these days on the wedding front.

How did you get into the music industry and the wedding business?

I guess I could say I started out in the jazz band at New Trier. The band performed at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland where I took home an award for best pianist.

My parents were very happy. After college I played in rock bands (for which my parents WEREN’T very happy), then graduated to private parties which eventually led to expanding the band to play weddings and fundraisers.

Are most couples choosing their wedding music for the bands they hire or are they leaving it up to the musicians?

Generally they leave it up to the musicians, but often will suggest a few favorite requests. I always advise them to let the band do what they do best, though we are always willing to learn a few new tunes.

What’s your favorite venue in the city of Chicago to perform at?

I love Café Brauer and City Winery. They’re completely different from one another, yet similar in the fact that they’re not typical hotel ballrooms. They’re both memorable venues.

What has been your most memorable wedding that you have worked on to date?

We did a very elegant hotel wedding where they wanted dances between courses (often referred to as “New York Style”). I got up to announce that everyone needed to be seated for the salad course when the mother of the bride came charging up to me on the dance floor, grabbed the microphone and said, “F**k the salad, let’s DANCE!” It brought the house down.

Have you worked with a same sex couple yet?

Yes, several.

What do you and True Blue Band like best about performing at weddings?

Be it a gay or straight wedding, we love the fact that guests are there to party, and we love to be an integral part of the party, making it fun, interactive and memorable.

How do you stay in front of the newest trends in the music business?

Like keeping up with anything else, just keep my eyes and ears open. I talk to others in the industry – both bandleaders and musicians – to see what is trending.

Tell us more about the pink and colorful wigs that your quartets wear when performing.

When our clients asked for something “fun and different”, we stepped up to the plate. Sometimes I don’t really know where my wacky creative ideas come from! I like to think outside the box for sure.

What are couples looking for when hiring a band – are you finding that weddings are getting bigger or smaller these days?

There seems to be the same mix of bigger and smaller weddings – I haven’t really seen much of a change, if any. Generally, most weddings hiring a bigger band will tend to have more guests.

How far do you and your team of musicians travel?

We’ve traveled to the west coast, Arizona, Florida, Atlanta and are happy to really go anywhere. Paris, anyone?

How many weddings does True Blue Band perform a year?

About 45.

What’s your favorite band of all time?

While I’m tempted to say The Beatles, when it comes to dance music I have to say Prince. He was amazingly talented and passionate. His music has a groove that you can’t ignore.

If not music what’s your next biggest passion?

Besides performing music live, my next biggest passion is writing, arranging and recording music in my recording studio. I love ‘mashing up’ songs from different genres. It makes me laugh out loud! (And maybe I do some swimming in my free time, too.)

Bill Pollack Music serves the greater Chicagoland wedding and event market. They proudly serve the LGBT community and welcome the opportunity to work with more same-sex couples looking to plan a wedding, event or awesome party. Call or Text Bill for more information or to set up a meeting: 847-436-7444.

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