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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, love is definitely in the air. Whether you are considering a February proposal (it’s the second most popular day to get engaged behind Christmas!) or hoping your significant other is planning to lock it down, you should consider learning more about lab-grown diamonds from New World Diamonds.

Not only are lab-grown diamonds a fraction of the cost of mined diamonds, (30-40% less expensive), but they also are completely conflict-free (no guilt). Curious about the looks? Most jewelers can’t tell the difference in clarity and brilliance when compared to traditional diamonds. We asked New World Diamonds to send us samples to compare the sparkle and beauty of their lab-grown diamonds to traditional diamonds.

New World Diamonds | Lab Grown | LGBT Friendly Wedding Ring Jeweler
New World Diamonds | Lab Grown | LGBT Friendly Wedding Ring Jeweler

Not only are they beautiful, but lab-grown diamonds make for a really interesting table topic when showing off your new sparkly investment and statement jewelry to friends. A fairly new concept, they are being adopted widely by millennials and by environmentalists. The common thread is in being a conscious consumer, and they are growing the demand for lab-grown jewels. Not only can you create a really personable piece of jewelry with the potential to consist of multi-colored diamonds, with different setting styles, but you can also save money and support sustainability while being creative.

Even if Valentine’s Day is not your favorite day, or if you are simply looking for Valentine gift ideas for your significant other versus an engagement ring, New World Diamonds offers an assortment of beautiful necklaces, earrings, and stackable, fashionable eternity rings that won’t break your bank or the environment. Store bought, mined diamonds have at least a 50% mark up on their prices compared to online and lab-grown diamond jewelers— and are riddled with problems for the environment and for those who mine them alike.

Valentine's Day & Lab Grown Diamonds
Valentine’s Day & Lab Grown Diamonds

If you are looking for a particular shaped diamond, New World Diamonds can work with custom orders on other stone shapes such as oval, cushion cut, tear-drop or even heart-shaped diamonds. If you have a setting you love but want to replace the diamond or diamonds in it, they sell loose stones that can accommodate these requests. If you find a setting that you love, they can help replicate that as well.

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