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Ways to Make Your Wedding Day Extra Special

Every couple wants their wedding to be one of the days they remember as being the happiest of times. After all the build-up, planning and anticipation, it’s amazing how quickly the day itself can fly by, and before you know it you’re jetting off on your honeymoon and the wedding is all over. You can’t slow down time and make everything last longer, but there are ways you can add touches to your day that will make it memorable and special not just for you, but everyone who is helping you celebrate.

Before digital technology revolutionizedphotography, it was a case of ordering the official photographs and hoping they captured everything. Disposable cameras introduced the idea of guests snapping their own pictures and helping to create a completepictorial record of the event, including all the accidental and un-staged shots that can be so moving and special, and now, of course, anyone can take as many photos as they like of the whole day with their smartphone. This is a wonderful opportunity to add something special to your memories of the dayif you ask everyone who attends to send a file with their pictures on to you after the wedding. You can then select the ones that capture all the best bits, and turn them into a printed photo book, or use a free online photo collage maker that takes your pictures and arranges them into a stylish montage. You will then have an intimate, behind the scenes record of your day, as well as the official, posed photographs.

Wedding day seeds

It’s traditional to give your guests a token of appreciation for their attendance. This usually takes the form of a small gift bag with mementoes and trinkets commemorating the wedding. An idea that is really taking off now is to add a packet of seeds to the gift bag, which your guests can plant in their own gardens and grow. It doesn’t need to be a full packet of seeds, you could split up a large packet between several guests, placing the seeds into an envelope or pouch that is inscribed with what the seeds are, how to grow them, and the reason you have chosen this particular plant. You could choose something romantic like Love-in-a-mist, or take the opportunity to wish your guests good fortune with some Moneymaker variety tomato seeds. Not only will the seeds be a reminder of the wedding for your guests whenever they look at the resulting plants, but you could ask for photos of all the plants your guests have grown, and make a book or collagefor your first anniversary.

There are many aspects of traditional weddings that still appeal to modern couples, but there are also plenty of opportunities to add your own mark to the occasion. This is your special day, so make it the stuff of dreams by finding and creating ways to spread the love throughout the whole experience

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