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At your rehearsal dinner it’s customary to give a gift to each person in your wedding party to thank them for their participation. Being in a wedding party is time consuming and in most cases pretty pricey. Giving a gift is a fun and nice way to show your appreciation for their dedication and support.

These panoramic stadium shots are a great gift for your male or female attendants who are crazy sports fans. They offer a wide range of college and professional sports teams to choose from.

If you don’t know your attendants favorite team, send out a mass text or email asking and tell them it’s related to a special wedding surprise.

The other cool thing about these frames is that the more you order, the creater the discount they offer. A major plus for large wedding parties.

Rob Arra also offers scenic shots of cities and nature.

One thing to consider with these frames is transporting them if you plan on a destination wedding.

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