4 Facts to Know About Wedding Cakes

It is normal that you may not know quite a lot about wedding cakes at the moment. However, one thing is for sure; the more informed you are, the better the decisions you will make when it comes to choosing the best cake for your special day. Here are the top four things that you should know about wedding cakes:

1) Seeking a Professional Opinion Is Paramount

With the unending variety of flavors and designs, choosing the perfect wedding cake can be quite a challenge. You have to put into consideration the hassle involved in choosing the right baker as well as the colors, designs, and the miniature sculptures to add on top.

Many people will agree that this is arguably one of the most hectic tasks. There is a chance that you will be excessively overwhelmed in the process. For those people who are new to Australian cuisines or those that are just not dessert enthusiasts, figuring out a cake favorable to all people in attendance to your wedding can be strenuous. Luckily, there are credible professionals who are readily available online to give you informed recommendations on some of the best wedding cakes in Australia.

Remember, before making your purchase decision, it is prudent to deal with a professional who understands the process of selecting the right baker and cake type. This ensures that you get the deserved results at this crucial moment in your life. Additionally, a true professional should put your personal requests into consideration as well as future alterations, even if it involves a change of mind at the last minute.

2) Wedding Cakes Are Priced By the Slice

One of the key details you wish to find out before purchasing any item is its pricing and wedding cakes are no exception. It is most noteworthy to know that wedding cakes are often priced by the slice. This implies that the more complicated you want your cake to be, the higher the price. For instance, fondant icing is quite expensive compared to buttercream and you should be ready to pay even more if you want it to have vibrant colors or more elaborate molded shapes.

3) Buying Wedding Cakes Entails the Tasting Stage

Tasting marks an important step in your buying decision. At this point, you get a sneak peek into the services of your chosen bakery. This is also the perfect opportunity to ask all the relevant questions in addition to reviewing the company’s portfolios. Through such meetings, you form a perfect bond with your bakery. That will enable them to cater to all your needs in the long run. Picking your baker is a great deal and you really want to deal with a trustworthy professional that will fully serve your best interests and ensure you make your wedding a memorable occasion.

4) Finalize Your Guest List First

The size of your wedding cake largely depends on your guest count. Thus, it is advisable to put this into consideration before making your buying decision. For example, three tiers are known to serve between 50 and 100 guests. However, if you are planning to have your reception in the grand room then you will have to increase the cake’s stature with columns between the tiers.