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3 things to consider when hiring wedding videography


A videographer can make all the difference between a successful wedding, and failed one. That’s because, a wedding is not just about exchanging vows, it is also about recording the whole experience as a reminder of this special moment. As such, the videographer you go for should be in a position to capture these moments in the best way possible. So, in a market that is full of wannabe videographers, how do you go about hiring the best one? To help you hire a good one, here are 3 things to consider when choosing wedding videography.


  1. Consider value for money

While videography is an important aspect of a wedding, don’t let it take up all your budget. You need to find a videographer that offers good quality videography, and at a good budget. In a city like London where business is very competitive, it’s very easy to find such a videographer. A quick google search for London wedding videographer should give you a list of top videographers in this area. One of them is Emmanuel, a top videographer in the London area, who offers amazing natural cinematic styles in his videography. Going for such a service captures wonderful memories of your wedding, and on a budget.

3 things to consider when hiring wedding videography
3 things to consider when hiring wedding videography
  1. Consider their personality

Before you move to hire a videographer, make sure that your personalities match. S/he also needs to be compatible with your wedding photographer. That’s because, wedding photography and videography are all about capturing emotions. As such, if your personalities don’t rhyme, a videographer might be unable to capture your emotions the way you want. Remember this is a one-off event, and you want it to bring out the best in you. One way to determine whether a videographer rhymes with your personality is to have a lengthy meetup with them way before the wedding. Don’t just focus on the financial aspect of things. Interact, and even try doing dummy shoots. If you feel some level of chemistry, and their budget is good, engage them. You will get amazing results, when working with such a videographer.


  1. Consider their reputation

This is the most important thing to consider when hiring a videographer. Imagine a scenario where you hire a photographer and they don’t show up on the day of the wedding. It would a catastrophe. It would literally ruin the wedding. The same would happen if they were to show up late for the event. To avoid such situations, interrogate the reputation of a videographer before you hire them. The best way to do this is to make use of reviews. To be safe, go with a videographer that has positive reviews online. Any negative reviews should be taken as a red flag. Alternatively, you can select one through referrals. By using referrals, you are sure that the person you will be working with has a proven track-record since they have worked with the person referring them to you in the past. Besides, a person close to you is unlikely to risk ruining your relationship, by referring a sub-par videographer.


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