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5 Steps to Choosing a Wedding Venue

When it comes to choosing wedding venues, the possibilities are endless. Sometimes the hunt for the perfect venue can be time and energy consuming. It is vital for you to identify the ideal site as early as possible as they can book up fast. Several things will influence your decision when selecting Santa Barbara wedding venues.

Do you want the wedding indoors or outside?

If you would like to have your wedding outside, are you .considering a beach or garden wedding? If you want a beach or garden setting, it is best to have a list of possible venues. This will save you time, and you will systematically eliminate the places based on how they serve your needs. It would help if you considered the demand for these venues when taking your time to figure out the best one for you. Any delays may cost you the venue, and result in you using an alternative place out of convenience, and not because it was the right one for you.

5 Steps to Choosing a Wedding Venue
5 Steps to Choosing a Wedding Venue

The location

The location of the venue plays a vital role in how appealing it will be for you and your guests. For example, is the venue in the city centre? What impact would traffic to the venue have on your guests’ ability to get to the venue comfortably? Is it too far away for some of your guests?

It is critical for you to choose a venue you like, but it should also be convenient for your guests. If, for example, the venue has limited parking space, it may discourage guests who do not want to seek parking areas in locations further away. If you are considering a destination wedding, what are the logistics and how affordable is it?

Consider the number of guests

You may love a venue but it makes no sense to use it if your guests will barely have any space to move around. Have a guest list as you look for a location. This way, you know if you are expecting 300 guests, you will pick a venue that comfortably fits this number of guests.

Pick the right time of the year

If you want to have your wedding in the outdoors, it is best to pick a date when it is expected to be sunny as opposed to a rainy season. If you have a shoestring budget, you may consider the period when you are likely to get a discount. For example, some venues charge more during summer but offer discounted rates during winter.

Visit the venue

Preparing for a wedding can be exhausting. However, do not be tempted to close a deal on the venue before visiting it. You will have a better picture of your big day once you see the venue. The fact that you attended a wedding at that location a year ago does not mean the venue has remained the same since.

The venue of your wedding is important since this is where your family and friends meet to celebrate your big day. You need to make sure they will enjoy themselves by picking a location and venue where they will be comfortable.


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