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Dearly Beloved,

So I recently got to meet Diana Nyad, the only person to swim nonstop from Cuba to Key West. Over 110 miles. Hers is one of the most inspiring stories I’ve ever heard. She surpassed killer jellyfish, sharks, government restrictions, the most severe weather conditions, doubt, a 2% probability, hallucinations, decades of trying and failing, and her advice is to “find a way.” Find a way to make your dreams come true. And I think this could help for planning your wedding. Find a way to make your day what you want it to be. See your end goal and go for it, and of course, don’t give up!

Random Wedding thought of the week:

Is this perhaps your second or third marriage? Don’t feel bad about it. Like I said to my mom, “Hasn’t Elizabeth Taylor been married like seven times? Who cares?”


Quote from my memoir, “Diary of a Gay, Pregnant Bride”:

Funeral food only tastes good if you’re pregnant or starving, because your brain is not in a state to enjoy food. Eating becomes a motor function. The same goes for a wedding if you are the bride. You spend most of your time focused on your guests, kissing when the glasses clink, smiling for photos, drinking cheap or expensive champagne…or if you’re pregnant, not drinking champagne… Eventually the choice of food becomes about the guests and what they would like to eat.

Questions to Consider:

Where is a good wedding venue and how much should you spend? A lot of fancy hotels, skyscrapers, popular wedding venues can be a minimum of $10,000. And that doesn’t include food or boos. There are smaller venues like art galleries or condo party rooms that can be around $400-$1,200 to rent the space for a few hours. Or there are parks, and boats, and backyards, and convention venues. No matter what you choose, think outside the box, consider your budget, and consider your guests. Consider transportation, parking, photography places, and weather. But most importantly, think about what will make you feel the most comfortable. My friend Sarah got married on an ice hockey rink.

Did you know?

The average wedding cost is over $20,000! Ouch!

Good Advice:

I got this one from “Grey’s Anatomy.” When Callie was complaining about her girlfriend wanting to paint the walls a shade of beige, her friend, Mark, said, “You got a girl you love who loves you back. Paint it whatever stupid color she wants.” This goes for wedding plans too. You are lucky to have that one to marry. Who cares about those stupid small details. Make your partner happy-you are the one that has to live with them.


Pride, Poetry, and Pragmatism,


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