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This May at Book Expo America in New York City, I met Gloria Steinem. Mostly known for starting the feminist movement, Gloria was there signing her new book. When I met Gloria, now 81 years old and not looking a day over 63, she had just removed her quintessential aviator glasses. A breast cancer survivor herself, she politely listened to me ramble on about my mother’s struggle with breast cancer while I was pregnant with the baby who was currently sleeping on my chest in a backpack. Then I thanked her for all she had done, paving the way and inspiring me to write my memoir about my experience getting married. Funny to know she started a whole movement that didn’t go along with traditional marriage…but she ended up getting married many years later. So, she must have found something worth while. Whatever is worth while for you to get married, I will always have advice in the wedding planning department. Read on.

Random Wedding thought of the week:

I heard people talking about marrying their pets and comparing it to gay marriage. I just say, when your dog is able to sign a marriage license, then go right ahead. Until then, stop talking about it.

Quote from my memoir, “Diary of a Gay, Pregnant Bride”:

Holly’s Pakistani beauty was reflected in her long, thick eyelashes that almost looked fake.

“No, I don’t want fake eyelashes,” I told Holly.

“But they will make you look so much better in photos,” she insisted.

“Yes. Sorry, I’m not a lipstick lesbian I guess.” Though usually quite feminine, I wasn’t used to much make-up.

Questions to Consider:

Fake eyelashes? For those lipstick lesbians, hair and makeup are probably the most important when it comes to appearance and photographs. So if you are not wanting the fake eyelashes like me, remember you will look amazing in photos! Maybe she’s born with it…

Did you know?

They use horse hair in mascara.

Good Advice:

I suppose you can always put aviator glasses on if your eye make-up doesn’t turn out, but it’s always best to do a trial run to test it out. Plenty of time before the wedding, try out those fake eyelashes. Make sure you aren’t allergic to the glue! And how much glitter is too much? If you’re seeing too many stars without drinking, then too many flakes of glitter have cluttered your eyeballs!

Pride, Panic buttons, and Pampering,


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Gloria Steinem Book


Gloria Steinem Book Signing

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