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Fall Gay Wedding Essentials

Fall Gay Wedding Essentials


So, you decided to get hitched and you chose a fall date to do it. Getting married during fall is always more special and romantic than it is during the rest of the year. The falling leaves and beautiful colors that are all around us make even the most mundane activities feel cozy and nice. So, getting married during this time of the year will make it even more unique and unforgettable for everyone involved. To make your fall gay wedding as special as it should be there are some essentials you need to take care of. So, read on to see where you should focus your attention.

The perfect fall venue

Choosing the right venue means finding a place that suits both partners and the one that is suited for the season. Fall is all about coziness, warm colors and wooden details. The perfect venue can be as rustic or as sophisticated as the two of you want it to be. There are a lot of great fall venue choices. However, the perfect fall venue will also have a fall feel to it and a colorful autumnal backdrop. Barns, orchards, and vineyards are perfect for a fall wedding as the fruit trees scattered around them create a sense of warmth and seclusion as if the whole world stopped for a second to enjoy your wedding. But if you would rather get married in a city, finding a nice place with lots of trees outside will serve just as well.

The perfect fall décor

Fall Gay Wedding Essentials


Once you find the perfect venue, you can start perfecting the décor. It should also evoke feelings of calmness and comfort, just like fall does. The color palette should be autumnal. Deep red, yellow, orange, purple, and green will instantly make everything look more welcoming. Decorating with casual floral arrangements and romantic string lights will make any place light up. Try to include as many wooden details as you can. Uncovered wooden chairs and simple tablecloths will look beautiful with those lovely floral arrangements. Pumpkins are also a must when it comes to fall weddings – they can serve as vases or table decoration on their own.

The perfect fall catering

Pay attention here because this is a crucial one. The catering must be perfect! That means both food and drinks. The menu should include a lot of fresh organic seasonal fruits and vegetables. Using seasonal ingredients will not only make the wedding feel more autumnal but it will also make the meals taste better. If you really want to go for it, you can serve pumpkin pies for dessert – it is unexpected and your guests will surely love it. One more thing you should pay attention to when it comes to food is whether there are any guests with specific dietary preferences, like vegetarian or vegan. Drinks are even more important than food, because they are the ones that will keep the party going. Provide your guests with all the basics and make a signature cocktail to celebrate the special occasion. Pick a base for your drink, something classic like gin, and brainstorm with your partner to perfect the rest of it.

Perfect fall outfits

Fall Gay Wedding Essentials


This is pretty personal and you should definitely choose the outfit you will feel most comfortable in. Having said that, there are some simple pointers you might find helpful in the process of making a decision. Fall is usually associated with rich and luxurious fabrics like velvet and wool, which can be suitable for suits or details of your choosing. Although white is the traditional color for weddings you can mix it up a bit with some details, or even a whole outfit in autumnal colors. If you decide to go with a traditional wedding attire, you can use shoes, ties and handkerchiefs to add a pop of color to your outfit.

The perfect fall tradition

Weddings are all about traditions, but we’re not talking about those boring things you would rather skip, we’re talking about starting your own traditions. Do something on your wedding day that will become a tradition for all future anniversaries. Talk with your partner and come up with something that you like doing, something special, and make it your thing. It can be something simple like reading a poem to one another, or more elaborate like releasing lanterns. It just has to be special for the two of you.


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