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Fun Ideas That Will Make Lesbian Weddings More Memorable


One of the most notable celebrations in someone’s life is going to be her wedding. It is a ceremony where two people can express their feelings to each other in front of witnesses, and promise that they can make it together through thick and thin. When you decide to get married, this is proof that you are ready to start a family with your partner and that you are willing to spend the rest of your life with her. Marriage is a bonding seal, and in most countries, it can be between any of the two genders.


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Proposing to someone takes guts and a lot of preparation. This is also the same for preparing the wedding. Weddings around the world are done in almost the same ways, but for gay weddings or lesbian weddings, the planners do it on a different level. If you are a woman getting married to the same gender, here are some ideas you can include in your wedding plans.


Themed Wedding

You can have a themed wedding, where the men can dress like women and vice versa. This is going to be fun and touching because you can also feel the support of your friends and family. You and your bride can both wear wedding dresses or one can wear a tuxedo depending on your preferences. Be outside the box, you do not need to follow the traditional clothes worn when the wedding is between a man and a woman. You can both wear a wedding dress if you both want to because it is going to be one of the things you will always remember at your wedding.


This is surely going to be memorable, especially because you will be having pictures as proof that one time before, your masculine friend has dressed as a girl to show his support at your wedding.

The Wedding Cake

The wedding cake can have a theme of a rainbow. Most people are aware that a rainbow flag is used as a symbol of the LGBT community. You can integrate this into the decoration of your cake or even the theme of the wedding. You can have the chiffon of the cake layered with the colors of the rainbow and have one solid color as your icing or cake covering. You can also add a rainbow ribbon tied around the cake, and a figure of two women as a lesbian wedding cake toppers to finish the look. These will give your cake a unique look different from a straight couples cake.


You can also have a photoshoot with your wife, recreating the story of how you meet and how you proved to the world that two people with the same gender can also express their love to each other. A video is also nice to have because you can post it in your social media accounts to show that love can also happen in unique situations. Recreating your story through videos or creative photography will surely give you a long-lasting story you can tell your children in the future.




Weddings are special. They are unforgettable stories you can pass down to your children. It happens once in a lifetime if you are lucky enough to find your “the one” in one try. It is a celebration worthy of your time and effort, so you need to make sure that you pour all your best in planning and organizing it.


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