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Planning a wedding is such a big job and plenty of people have lost their marbles putting together the perfect day. Amidst the dresses, flowers, invitations, and cake tastings, there’s one thing you must not forget: someone to document the memories. Of course, everyone will be taking hundreds of photographs with their phones, but you want to have a team of professionals whose only focus during the night is to make sure you have some beautiful memories to look at for the rest of your life. Alongside the traditional photographers, most weddings these days have at least one videographer to capture another dimension. But how much do they bring to the table and what should you have them capture?

Hear the Special Words

Pictures are always beautiful to look at and easy to display, but they lack one important detail: sound. The Mandela effect tells us that people tend to remember events differently, even if they all saw and heard the same thing. In a couple of years, you will be very glad to have a video recollection of your vows, the big “I do” and all the laughter, cheer, and applause that followed. There are so many beautiful things said during wedding speeches and in the little moments before and after the ceremony, and you will definitely want to hear them again.

Capture the First Dance

Whether the newlyweds are professional dancers or have four left feet combined, the first dance is something very special for both the couple and everyone gathered, and you’ll want to look back on it. All the little missteps that might happen during the dance, when you get lost in each other’s eyes and forget the steps of the choreography you practiced for months, but you just laugh it all off – you want a videographer there to capture it all. Because it’s those little moments and the atmosphere you create at that moment, that make everything so special.

The Preparation

Many couples decide to not see each other during the big day before they meet at the end of the aisle. This creates excitement and mystery and makes the big reveal all the more special and emotional. To see your loved one all dolled up standing there after being apart, it’s such a special moment. But after the wedding, you might want to know what happened behind the curtain when they were getting ready for the big day with their entourage. This is where video documentation comes in very handy. Not to mention, you will love looking back at the funny moments with the wedding party as you were sipping some champagne and getting your hair done.


A New Way to Share

In a rapidly globalizing world, we’re seeing more and more families and friends that are spread out all across the globe, meaning oftentimes that not everyone can make it to the big day. While you might have a few good samaritans present who will livestream parts of the wedding to relatives that couldn’t attend, most guests want to just focus on being present in the moment. But for all of those who could not attend, it’s a beautiful gift to be able to relive all the moments through video. Next time you see them, you can all sit together, dim the lights, and play it like a movie to allow them to experience it together with you. In addition to sharing it with family, if you like sharing events from your life online, this will be one of the most beautiful things you put up, and will surely get a lot of attention.

It’s Worth It

Sure, videographers can be a bit more expensive than just hiring photographers. However, if all the footage you have from the most important day of your life is shaky iPhone footage your aunt took and the drunken Instagram stories from your friends – you will wish you paid any money in the world to see it all in better quality and from much better angles. The last thing you want after your wedding is to have any regrets because of the way you did it – because there’s really no redo button.

Remember that photographers and videographers often work together and come in package deals – which is the best option, because they’re people who know how to work together and not get into each other’s shot during filming. So look around for options and find a professional one whose portfolio you like. You most certainly will not regret it.


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