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Is It Worthwhile to Buy Wedding Insurance?


Yes, just like every other insurance type, wedding insurance is worthwhile, especially if you end up needing it. Weddings can be financially overwhelming, so adding wedding insurance to a shoestring budget may seem unnecessary. However, this additional cost may seem irrelevant when coming up with a cost analysis for your wedding, but insurance for weddings may be the one thing you can count on in your expense list.


Protect your financial investment


Weddings, like pretty much everything else in life, comes with a risk. Your hired limo might not show up, and you could be forced to spend more money hiring another, or another service provider might let down.


Such losses will not just affect how your day turns out, but if you don’t have money for emergencies, you will be in trouble. Having wedding insurance means even if you spend more to ensure your wedding progresses as planned, at least you will know the insurance will cover the unexpected cost.


Prepare should you need to postpone the wedding


The date you choose for your wedding might have a deeper meaning, besides it being the perfect day to get married. It could be the day you first met, or the date has sentimental meaning to you both. Unfortunately, you might be forced to postpone the wedding to another date for reasons beyond your control.


It could be because of an illness, death in the family, or you probably failed to collect enough money to cover the wedding costs because of a pandemic or loss of income. If you have committed money to book a venue and service providers, wedding insurance will ensure you don’t lose this money when you have to make a cancellation.


Insure against illness or injury


Wedding insurance covers more than the costs of the wedding. Sometimes the policy also caters to vital attendees, such as the couple and their parents. If, for example, you get injured during the wedding, you need not worry about the hospital bill because the wedding insurance will cover that cost. This is especially important if you don’t want to take out funds from your honeymoon budget.


Safeguard against loss of wedding gifts


Guests usually give newlyweds gifts to celebrate their union. Just like the guests enjoy choosing and delivering gifts, couples enjoy unwrapping them. In some cases, gift-giving is the way people who are unable to attend the wedding can share your special day. Unfortunately, sometimes gifts can get ruined as they are being shipped, they could get lost, or a party crasher may choose to help themselves to some of your wedding gifts.


Getting gift coverage means the insurer will pay for the repair or replacement of non-monetary gifts. You should, however, find out if this coverage is part of the wedding insurance policy or you need to pay extra for it. You should also find out how long the gifts will be covered because most insurance companies have a time limit. Most only accept to cover the costs if the claim is made within a week after the wedding.


Wedding insurance covers various aspects of the wedding, from your outfits, payments to service providers, and unexpected costs. Like all other types of insurance covers, you need to know what the policy covers. Insuring your wedding gives you the confidence to enjoy your day knowing any unforeseen changes will not leave you in financial ruin.


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