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Dearly Beloved,

Meditation, meditation, meditation. Not medication, meditation. I hear this a lot. When people ask doctors in multiple fields of medicine and beliefs, you will hear the same answer to the best way to health: Meditation. When I thought I was losing my memory I looked up some brain puzzles to practice. But when I googled memory loss, it said the best way to achieve better memory is to meditate. I tried an app called, “Calm.” It helps put you to sleep naturally, reminds you to breathe, and helps you meditate. The goal of meditation is not to turn your brain off, but to make yourself more aware of moments around you. Eat when you’re hungry and sleep when you’re tired. Really taste your food. Really listen when people are talking to you. Remind yourself to breathe and stay calm and focused on what you want. It’s okay when thoughts take over but have the power to bring yourself back to the moment of now. It’s something you need to practice, like yoga, to get the fullest reward from it. But what better than to meditate to calm down your stress of wedding planning. It’s a great tool to use the day of your wedding. Keep calm and get married.

Random Wedding thought of the week:

How many brides have to take alcohol or Xanax on their wedding day morning to calm the heck down?

Quote from my memoir, “Diary of a Gay, Pregnant Bride”:

Yet he was himself, strangely so. His intelligence and sense of calm remained. It was like he was saying, “Everything’s going to be okay, don’t worry about me,” with only his presence.

Questions to Consider:

How will you reduce your stress? How will you keep calm? Can you meditate? Will you try the “Calm” app?

Did you know?

“Where there is peace and meditation, there is neither anxiety nor doubt.” –St. Francis de Sales

Good Advice:

Meditate. Breathe. Rest. Sleep. Meditate. Breathe.

Keep Calm and Get Married,


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