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Gay-Owned Food Business


The gastronomy industry is getting more and more prominent, along with the growing trend of eating out. However, the tendency of visiting restaurants is not only driven by the good quality of the food; the reason is a mix of different cuisines, cultures, customs, and beliefs. People put much effort into creating an inviting, unique spot where all guests feel comfortable, safe, and well-served.


The restaurant visiting drift is the way of spending spare time, hanging out with friends and chill after a long day at work. Each place has a different style and vibe, that’s why gastronomic spots gain such popularity. Eating out is the way of getting familiar with different cultures, social groups, and beautifully-minded people.


Speaking about that, the LGBT community has a lot to offer in the culinary world. They create gay-friendly places where everyone is always more than welcome. People’s patronage at such restaurants supports this industry’s movement and helps to build a more tolerant society. Below you can find some of the best food businesses run by proud members of the LGBTQ+ community.


Cuties, Los Angeles, California

The first spot worth recommendations is a lovely colorful cafe in East Hollywood. Are you feeling like a creamy cheesecake or a semisweet chocolate wafers brownie? You’re in the right spot! They offer various choices of coffee-based drinks and sweets, as well as unique queer-themed pins. Cuties in a queer-owned alcohol-free place that can serve you delicious lattes during the day, and entertain you with LGBTQ+ hostedshows in the evenings.


Except for the food and drinks, Cuties specialize in physical safe spaces creation and support primarily to gay men who are cisgender, which means their gender identity matches the sex they were assigned at birth.


Creative Cuisine Columbus, Ohio

The second suggestion combines not only excellent quality food but also professional wedding organizing service. Creative Cuisine Columbus is a company that offers a wide range of activities in order to make your special day unforgettable. They are based on organic catering and green entertaining. This business’s specialty is the wedding support of sexual minorities and the creation of the “style that reflects their union and commitment to each other.”


“We welcome celebrating weddings with couples of all kinds! In helping celebrate with the LGBTQ community, we understand that the dynamics of the couple, the wedding party, and the families may be very traditional or may look to trail blaze new traditions.”



Big Gay Ice Cream, New York,


It was founded by Bryan and Doug in 2009. The business has evolved from a small, yet quality food track. Sticking to the old-fashioned recipes, using only natural milk and cream from Pennsylvania’s diary, the owners turned it into a very famous ice cream brand!


“Big Gay Ice Cream has been named best ice cream parlor–as well as best food truck–in the country and numerous other accolades. Ten years old, the company has multiple locations in New York City & Philadelphia; published a cookbook; & launched a limited run line of ice cream pints that was available in stores & markets from coast to coast.”


Bloom and Plume Coffee, Los Angeles, California

Except for great culinary experiences, the owners of Bloom and Plume’s goal is to build a community where everyone becomes a better version of themselves, creating connections and solidarity.


Moreover, the restaurant can also brag about their merch, with the possibility of buying interesting, unique stuff, such as poster calendars, dad hats, die tees and sweats, extraordinarily designed mugs, and more. Bloom and Plume specialize in typical brunch-like dishes, such as avocado toasts, salmon sandwiches, bio granolas, and trendy matcha lattes.


This well-furnished, green spot with a good atmosphere might be the right choice for a Saturday meal with your pals.


Julius’ Bar, New York

Time for a significant spot for the LGBT+ community’s history; Julius restaurant, also known as Julius’s bar is the first gay gastronomic spot in New York, which dates back to 1930 when the bar became popular with sports figures and other celebrities. Here, you can check a fascinating history behind it.


In a nutshell about this classic place on the gay-owned business map, you will get to eat pretty amazing burgers, meet older locals sipping beers around, hit the dancefloor accompanied by DJ’s hits, and enjoy Thursday’s theater performances. Should we say more?


The Bottom Line

The magical vibe of gay-owned food businesses is not the quality of the food but the spirit that lives inside. Such places educate a lot about tolerance and freedom of being yourself. Many people love hanging out there simply because they feel comfortable, safe, and in solidarity with others. Once you visit a spot like that, you will understand what we’re talking about. All these open-minded people’s vibes will inevitably boost your mood until the rest of the day, not only because of the delicious food.


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