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Top 5 Benefits of Online Invitations

There are multiple benefits of creating and having your wedding invitations be 100% online. The pros are numerous. Here is our perspective on going totally virtual for your wedding invitations.

Let’s start with the savings on postage. At 50 cents per invitation that cost can add up fast. Also, it’s not out of laziness but just the time alone it takes to handwrite 100 or more invitations is tedious and time consuming. While physically handwriting your printed and traditional invites can be a bonding experience for some couples, it can also be stressful or cause unnecessary arguments for busy, tired couples stretched for time. Skip the extra work, start your own tradition and choose online invitations.

Sometimes even gathering the correct mailing addresses for family and friends can take multiple days. How many of our friends and relatives move around over the years? And then the addresses you have or gather may not always be correct and lead to return to sender returns of your expensive cards being returned to you. This return process takes time and when you are planning a wedding you want to know your head count and invite list as soon as possible. With online invites you may have your response and head count within hours or days versus weeks with printed invitations.

Online invitations take the stress and work out of the process. You also have a digital record of your invite list when the guests respond. That takes one less thing off your plate. No need to log or create your own Excel model of guests and their plus ones and plus one names as well as meal choices.

Besides taking the work and cost out of the picture, there are a plethora of the beautiful online options for the invitations. Here are a few examples: Wedding Websites, Invites and Much More Wedding Websites, Invites and Much More Wedding Websites, Invites and Much More Wedding Websites, Invites and Much More


Another pro to online invitations is that they are 100% green and help us all move one step closer to helping preserve natural resources. Let’s face it, have you ever saved all the wedding invitations you have received over the years? The only people that may save the physical invite would be your parents or your future in-laws. Most of the time invites and save the dates end up in the trash after we have all logged the details in our smart phones.

Even before the SARS-Covid-19 pandemic, there were all these awesome benefits to having your wedding info, wedding website and invitations online. But now with all the changing health guidelines and state mandated changes to large events, the benefit of having your wedding info online is the ease and speed of making changes on the fly.

You can also ask your high risk, older aged guests their comfort level on whether they prefer to attend your wedding via Zoom or if they are willing to wear a mask at the wedding. You can implement an FAQ page for all of these changing, fluid parts of your wedding for guests to feel comfortable and informed. Change the Date Examples - Covid Weddings Change the Date Examples – Covid Weddings Change the Date Examples - Covid Weddings Change the Date Examples – Covid Weddings Change the Date Examples - Covid Weddings Change the Date Examples – Covid Weddings

The only pitfall or downside we can think of with online invitations would be for your older aged guests that may need help online. This can be overcome by allowing them to call you with their reservation or for you to give a little bit of hand holding to grandma or grandpa or your older aunts and uncles. The hand- holding will go a long way with them and will help build your bond and closeness during your wedding planning. They will be grateful to be included and assisted in the process. And certainly their generation understands that saving for and paying for a wedding is no small venture. They may appreciate the savvy way you chose to cut costs.

If you are convinced and ready to start planning your wedding and designing your invitations online start with They were voted best wedding website builder by In Style Magazine.

Their products are 100% free and very easy to use. Access to your wedding details from your smart phone is something everyone wants and needs right now. They also have a free app you can download to have even easier access to your info when you are on the go.

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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