How to plan the best Bridal Shower

Though it is not the main event, a bridal shower is still an important occasion that needs to be enjoyed. It is the perfect way to celebrate the bride and her upcoming wedding. 

There are many elements to hosting an unforgettable shower. You should have the right number of guests and of course, invite people who are close to the bride such as friends and family. Before you start planning, however, make sure to communicate with the bride to ask her who she wants in her party. It’s also important that the bride and guests are able to bond and have a great time during the party. 

Bridal Shower Post

If you have never thrown a bridal shower before, you might feel overwhelmed by all the decisions you need to make. Here are some tips on how to plan the best bridal shower.

  1. Set a date that is agreeable with the guests you have in mind – Setting a date might be easy if everyone you invite live close to each other and your schedules align perfectly. But if some relatives or friends will just be flying in for the wedding, it would be advisable to set a date when everyone can come. Don’t start planning the bridal shower last minute. As early as six months before the wedding, you can start preparing. Ask the bride to be and her family and close friends on when is the most convenient day it will be for them.
  2. Decide on the budget – You don’ t need to spend too much money in order to plan a bridal shower that everyone will remember. Just set your budget and research on how you can stretch that. It’s important to stick to your budget so that you will not overspend. Even though you want the bride to feel special on this day, you don’ t need to break the bank to do so.
  3. Choose a theme for the event – While there are some bridal showers with no themes, choosing a theme can be very fun and creative. It can be something as simple as a tea party where you prepare petit fours for all the guests. It can also be a spa day where everyone will get pampered, especially the bride. You can also tie it with the theme and motif that the couple has chosen for their own wedding. By choosing a theme, it will also be easier to choose the other aspects of the bridal shower, such as the invitation, venue for the event and even the food that will be served. Think of the bride’s personality and come up with a theme that you know she will enjoy. 

Prepare games for the event – A great form of entertainment during the bridal shower is, of course, some fun party games! Some typical shower games include Mad Libs, and Bridal Shower Bingo. Games are a great way to bond, and it is especially needed if there are people who do not know each other. Just make sure to prepare some bridal shower game prizes so that people will really be motivated to join the activities.