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Picture Perfect for Your Vows: How to Find Your Wedding Look


If you’re a fabulous femme getting ready to walk down the aisle, finding your wedding day look is probably at the top of your to-do list. Luckily, there are so many simple, casual, & elegant wedding dresses for you to choose from.


If a dress isn’t your style, and your identity is more masculine of center, a variety of tailors have begun to build traditional menswear for all body types and genders.


Whatever your look, the choices can get overwhelming. Though there are many steps to purchasing a wedding day look which soon-to-be newlyweds may not consider, we have the basic steps laid out for you.




Before you even begin to consider the colors and cuts that will define your special day, you need to set a budget. There’s no bigger disappointment than finding a wedding dress or suit you love just to have it be astronomically out of your price range.


Be realistic with yourself and your spouse as you set a wedding budget and decide on how much to set aside for each of your looks. Some couples choose to have separate outfits for their ceremony and their reception, splitting your budget for clothing down the middle.


Everyone has a unique body shape, and neither wedding dresses nor suits come one size fits all. It’s critical to factor in alteration costs into your budget as well to make sure you look your best. Shoes, veils, and jewelry need to be considered in that budget too.


While it’s essential to budget your money, it can save you a lot of stress in the long run if you make sure to budget your time. If possible, you should try to start shopping 9-12 months ahead of your big day. You may have trouble finding the right dress or suit for you and some bridal salons and tailors can be booked out months in advance.


Alternatively, if you choose to shop online, you have to consider shipping times, and the time it takes returning wrong outfit picks and ordering new ones. If you buy online, you will have to find a local, trustworthy seamstress to alter your wedding day look.




The actual process of choosing between hundreds of different types of wedding dresses and suit styles is a daunting one. Many people may benefit from the guidance of experts at a bridal boutique or menswear salon.


These specialists can help sort through their store’s inventory to find you the perfect choice in your preferred style and budget. The perk of in-salon shopping means you get to try on your potential outfit and see how it looks in person.


An online search may be a better fit for you. Unlike with in-person salons, you don’t need to wait for an appointment to shop and hundreds of styles are available at your fingertips. You will have to wait for the dress to arrive in the mail, though, so there is a slight delay in service. There is also the uncertainty of whether a dress or suit will look like the picture, or will suit you.




Finally you can get to the fun part of shopping: deciding what you want to look like on your wedding day! There are countless cuts and styles of wedding dresses to consider. Menswear has less variety, but modern takes on the timeless cuts still in fashion often bring bold patterns and colors to the table.


It’s important to narrow down your options as soon as you can. Your shopping experience can get unpleasant, especially if you find yourself at an appointment in-store with no idea what you want. Regardless of how you choose to buy your wedding look, it may be beneficial to browse stores online or use social media to find inspiration.


Decision Time


Once you’ve decided on some general styles, and have set an appointment or are poised to hit purchase on an online shopping cart, all that’s left to do is decide! If you do the research and know what you want ahead of time, finding a wedding look hopefully be one of the easiest parts of your wedding planning process.


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