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Do you and your partner balance each other out? Does a wedding need to be “balanced?” When wedding planning, most of us think our list has to be balanced in price. The cake has to be as nice as our dress. The venue has to be as fancy as our flowers. The photography has to be as pricey as the band. I’m telling you to pick what’s important to you. Change your budget to reflect what really matters to you. Maybe you have a friend help you with your cake so you can spend a bigger chunk of that money on a professional photographer. Or maybe you use an inexpensive public venue or your own house so the greater part of the budget goes to the flowers and what you use to decorate the environment. Maybe that cake looks beautiful since your sister helped, but how does it taste? The guests will be eating it in front of you. Maybe you spend a lot of your doe on the best tasting cake. But worried you might not have much left for the rest. You can make it happen, just determine what’s important and make a detailed budget with percentages.

Featured gay brides: Esperanza and Nina. Married in Phoenix. Courthouse wedding followed by a BBQ. Esperanza chose her own cake topper ($12.99) to add to her cake. Photos by Esperanza Garcia.

Lesbian DIY wedding Phoenix

Random Wedding thought of the week:

I’m so excited I got invited to a lesbian wedding in Texas in May!

Quote from my memoir, “Diary of a Gay, Pregnant Bride”:

Different colored orchids, birds of paradise, bamboo, thick green leaves, hibiscus, and passionflowers bloomed in my brain. I wanted Hawaiian flowers for the wedding.

Questions to Consider:

What is the most important piece of a wedding to you? Cake? Music? Venue? Flowers? Photography? Hair? Makeup?

Did you know?

In Morocco, women take a milk bath before the wedding to purify themselves.

Good Advice:

Try making a pie chart of your budget. The visual chart will help you decide what’s important and how much is left for the rest.


Pride, Percentages, and Pie charts,


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