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If you think about it, the holidays are a common time for a proposal. It’s romantic, everywhere is lit up, that engagement ring may be so expensive that it can pass for a wonderful Christmas present (shhhhh!). And the anniversary of your engagement is just as special as the anniversary of when you met, therefore it’s not surprising couples usually pick a date to get married around that time. So if the holidays are when the proposal occurred then the holiday time may be when you plan to get married.

Random Wedding thought of the week:

How many people didn’t get a wedding ring for their wedding but just used the engagement ring or promise ring? There are so many rings just for one finger so do we fuse them all together or change fingers or just wear one? What happens to the other ones?

Quote from my memoir, “Diary of a Gay, Pregnant Bride”:

The ceremony was in a tight living room. Both Connie’s parents walked her in. Donna’s father presented Connie with gold jewelry. Each bridesmaid wore a different vividly colored dress, some Asian style, some American. There was a plethora of bright colors in the decorations, clothes, cups, and flowers, especially the color red. Even the food radiated color. The sticky rice was orange and the Jell-O molds were rainbow variations. The atmosphere looked like a Chinese New Year celebration.

Questions to Consider:

Will you have a theme wedding if you get married close to a holiday? My fellow blogger friend, Meg, is having a New Year’s Day wedding. The men are going to wear “blowout” horns as boutonnieres! The table numbers are champagne bottles holding the numbers, and decorations include gold spray-painted champagne corks and New Year’s noise makers. Think theme and color. It makes it more fun! It can still be as simple as you want it. And “elegant” can also be a theme. What will your theme or color be?

table number holders

Did you know?

The price of getting married in the winter is actually half the cost. And Fridays are also cheaper. Something to consider. But there is a reason why it’s half the cost too so weigh your options.

Good Advice:

When it comes to the holidays you still need to book ahead. Cheaper pricing also means more people are out to get it. And businesses throw holiday parties at venues you may think are mainly for weddings. The one good thing about a New Year’s Eve wedding is you probably won’t have many guests that leave early. They will want to stay and finish out the New Year celebration (which also luckily happens to be the celebration of your wedding)!

Pride, Pointless worries, and Perfection,


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