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Secrets to Long-Lasting Passion for Newly-Married Couples

You want to keep the passion from the early days of your relationship alive forever (and wouldn’t we all?)! In time, however, things start getting a bit more habitual and peaceful. Clothes aren’t being ripped off bodies and public sex is replaced by a comfortable bed. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with these things, they can become somewhat boring.


Only a few very lucky couples seem to be capable of maintaining intense intimacy and passion throughout their relationship. So, what are these lucky chosen few doing right?


The assumption that passion will be there naturally and without any effort on your behalf is untrue. While this very well may be the case for the early days of the relationship, eventually you’ll have to start putting a bit of effort into sexy times.


If you’re newly married and you want to have long-lasting passion with your partner, you can focus on the following strategies.


Be Creative

It is very, very easy to fall into a comfortable routine.


In time, you’ll know each other well. You’ll have an exact idea about what does the trick for your partner and they’ll have a similar understanding of what brings you pleasure. While such closeness is awesome, it can result in boring sex.


Boring sex dies when you try to get creative in the bedroom.


Creativity is all about the things you like – from sex toys to kinky play like a strap on vibrating dildo, for example, is amazing for some girl-on-girl action. And this isn’t the only kind of sex toy you can have fun with, whether you’re in a same-sex relationship or not. Various products address the needs of couples by vibrating, ensuring precise stimulation or providing a brand new kind of penetration. Start out small to see if you like toys and if you do, move on to something wilder and more exciting.


Toys aren’t the only creative idea for bedroom fun. A little bit of roleplay or light bondage should also be explored. Vanilla sex is obviously amazing but if you have a different fantasy, talk to your partner about it. Chances are they’ll be happy to oblige.


Have Sex without Having Sex

Do you know what one study discovered about passionate sex in a long-term relationship? Good foreplay was one of the primary contributing factors to sexual satisfaction.


Sexual practices come in all shapes and sizes. They don’t have to involve penetration. There’s no need for someone to top and someone to bottom every single time.


Playing around with new notions of sexuality can rekindle a passion that’s gone slightly cold.


Touch each other, have sensual massages or even a tickling session. Masturbate in front of each other. Try phone sex or get dirty over video streaming.


Passion is about new stuff that challenges and excites you sexually. The more you broaden your sexual horizons right now, the better.


Deal with Stressors That Could Kill the Passion

LGBTQ couples have to handle many stressors that straight people aren’t subjected to. Parental disapproval, prejudices and social isolation all have a profound effect on one’s state of mind.


Inevitably, these challenges will affect passion.


To enjoy a harmonious, fulfilling marriage, you have to discover suitable coping strategies. Attempting to discuss the situation with family members and building a supportive social circle will be two of the key interventions. Some therapy will also deliver good results if the situation is too overwhelming and difficult to handle.


People who enjoy peace of mind are likely to get intimate more often and their life enjoyment will be at a high level. Don’t think of your relationship as a desert island. It can be impacted by many external forces (some of which you can control and eliminate).


Work on Vulnerability

Passion and great sex involve a lot of vulnerability.


Fear of true intimacy is a fairly common issue as many people have been hurt in the past. The fact that you decided to build a future with someone special, however, means you should seek ways to open yourself up and bring vulnerability into the relationship.


Passion and vulnerability go hand in hand to make sex an outstanding experience every single time.


It’s very easy to put up a wall. If you do so, however, and sex remains purely physical, the passion will subside once and for all.


Being vulnerable starts with opening up about little things – telling your partner what you like, giving them guidance about how to touch you or sharing a little fantasy with them. If you make those first steps, they will soon be reciprocated. Such a vulnerability exchange will inevitably lead to a deeper and much more satisfactory connection.


Be Safe

Now, this one is a given but it still has to be mentioned.


To enjoy passionate, hot sex, you have to be safe. Otherwise, you will eventually become preoccupied about your wellbeing and there’s nothing that could kill passion like worrying.


If you suddenly feel in the mood for a public display of affection or a passionate makeout session, make sure that you are safe. The environment you are in will play a critical role in your wellbeing. You have to protect yourself and the person you love from glares, verbal abuse and the worst one of them all – physical violence.


Yes, it’s not fair that you may still be subjected to such acts of violence in 2020 and 2021. And while you should definitely take a stance against such injustices, safety in the specific scenario should be your primary concern.


These are a few of the things you can do to keep the passion alive. As long as you are in love and you’re willing to communicate with your spouse, you will make physical intimacy better in the long run. Just don’t give up on trying new stuff and don’t become too comfortable. Sex is way too colorful, exciting and diverse to always do one and the same stuff. If you manage to keep your adventurous spirit alive, you will have a spectacular marriage with lots and lots of good sex.

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