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Ways to Support Your Partner If They Experience Pain during Sex

Although most experts say that sex is one of the ways to save a relationship, it’s not the answer for everyone. According to the latest studies, three out of four women experience pain during sex at least once in their lifetime. Men can also have painful sexual intercourse due to an infection of the prostate, allergic reaction to condoms or spermicide, foreskin problems, or the penis’s deformities.


Needless to say, it’s difficult to achieve an orgasm when one of the partners feels pain during sex. It’s a sensitive issue that might worsen the relationship if not addressed right.


In case your partner doesn’t enjoy sex due to some health problems, learn how to approach this kind of situation:


Talk to Your Partner


To solve the problem in a bedroom, you need to initiate a conversation with your partner. Some people wouldn’t feel comfortable admitting that they have some health issues that cause pain during sex. If your loved one doesn’t want to have sex as much as before, let them know that you will be there for them despite the difficulties.


It will help them de-stress, open up, and focus on finding the right solution while looking for compromises.


Find the Reason


You should book a doctor’s appointment to get tested. There is a chance that you both have an infection (even if you don’t see symptoms). It might only be a latex allergy that won’t cause any problems if you change the type of condoms. Still, itchiness and pain can also be signs of sexually transmitted diseases. That’s why you also need to take responsibility in this kind of situation.


Going to a doctor along with your partner is worth more than thousands of words. That’s the real way to show your partner that you truly care about them.



Address Your Needs


The lack of proper sex might also make you feel unwanted and irritated. In this case, masturbation is one of the harmless solutions.


Sexual stimulation through masturbation can improve your sleep, relieve built-up stress, boost your mood, release sexual tension, and explore different desires. The best thing is that no cheating is involved!


You can either ask your partner to help you achieve an orgasm or do it yourself. If you don’t want to bother your loved one this time, you can watch good all porn, use various sex toys, or read erotic fiction. You can find more sex stories by OMG Kinky and so many other erotica online sites.


It’s crucial to underline: you shouldn’t feel guilty about masturbating. It’s an essential component of your sexuality, and it can make you feel better.


Try New Things


Maybe at this point, penetration is not possible, but there are a lot of other ways to satisfy your and your partner’s sexual needs. For example, you can try mutual masturbation, non-penetrative sex toys, or oral sex.


There is also one sexual practice from East Africa called Kunyaza. During this practice, a man should firmly and rhythmically strike the clitoris with his erect penis. Once the vulva starts to swell, the man needs to rub his penis around it and strike the clitoris after every second rotation. It’s important to use long strokes to stimulate the vulvar area when a woman is close to an orgasm. During Kunyaza, penetration is not allowed.


Other than that, you should try erotic massage or taking a bath together in order to foster intimacy.


Take It Slowly


You shouldn’t initiate sex if your partner is not ready. The fact that your loved one can’t enjoy the sexual intercourse with you at the moment doesn’t mean it’s the end of the relationship.


Quite the opposite, it can be a new chapter for both of you. Recall your first dates, all the talking, and innocent touching. Now, you have a chance to put the spark back in your relationship, get to know each other in a difficult situation, and test your patience. If you do everything right and support your partner during this time, you will get even closer.


The Bottom Line


There are plenty of reasons why some people don’t want to engage in sexual intercourse. Physical discomfort is one of them. In case your partner feels any pain during sex, you should find the underlying cause of the problem and suggest some compromises. You can still enjoy spending time together and exploring your sexuality.


At the moment, your loved one really wants you to show your respect and support. Be there for them, and they will feel better soon.

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