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Why You Should Buy Deer Antler Accent Wedding Bands

Most men search for the perfect ring for their finance and barely take time to consider the band that they will wear themselves. They end up picking any ring that fits without considering whether the band is convenient to wear their entire marriage. It is necessary to take time looking for a band that suits your style, well fitted, comfortable, and durable. There are several wedding rings for guys made of unique materials like deer antlers. Deer antler rings are perfect for guys who love the outdoors and hunting. This article will explain more on why you should get a deer antler wedding ring:

1) Unique

Deer antler accent rings are one of a kind jewelry pieces. They have a unique design made from naturally shed deer antlers and inlaid with other materials like tungsten, titanium, and unique stones. Wearing a deer antler wedding band sets you apart from guys with the typical yellow bands. If you are looking for a deer antler accent ring, you can get them at Alpine Rings, an online retailer. They have several unique pieces, so it is easy to find one that suits your style.

2) Strong and Durable

Deer antlers are natural and delicate materials that require extensive care. The rings get accented with durable metals and quality materials that improve tenacity and durability. Some of the metals used to reinforce the antler band include titanium and tungsten. Other rings get designed with 100% natural materials like unique stones and exotic wood. These rings are polished with a special jewelry resin that adds strength and protects it from elements exposure.

3) Affordable

Paying for your wedding rings should not cost you an arm and a leg. Fortunately, deer accent bands are budget-friendly compared to other types of rings. The average cost of these rings is $100 to $300 a reasonable price for a unique and lasting band. You can also get a significant price reduction making your purchase online. Online retailers offer discounts and sales that can save you from spending a lot.

4) Water Resistance

The right wedding ring should be resistant to water to avoid corrosion. The accent materials like tungsten have high water resistance. Moreover, the bands are well coated to prevent water from penetrating the deer antlers. You can wear this ring when washing your hands, taking a shower and even swimming. It is a suitable wedding ring option for guys who work with water.

5) Lightweight

One of the things to consider when choosing your wedding ring is its weight. You probably want a ring that has a comfortable fit and feels light. Buying a deer antler band with titanium is the right choice for you. Titanium, despite its strength, it is an extremely lightweight material. The ring will feel weightless, comfortable, and they are easy to wear and remove.

6) Complements Your Style

Choose a ring that rhymes with your personality and lifestyle. The ring depicts an outdoor, daring, and nature-loving character. It is ideal for hunters or guys with interest in nature collections.


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