Amazing LGBT Honeymoon Destinations for 2020

2020 hasn’t started in the best possible way, but this coronavirus chaos will eventually stop, and once it does, it would be good to continue where we left off. This whole situation might be a bit more overwhelming for people who planned on getting married or people who wanted to plan their honeymoons this year, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t. In order to give yourself the best honeymoon ever and to reward yourself for being self-isolated and paying attention to what the authorities said, it would be good to organize a stressless wedding and then choose one of the popular and amazing honeymoon destinations that are everything but cliché. Take a look at these suggestions, find the one that suits you the most and book your tickets and accommodation as soon as possible!

A real USA experience

If you’re not from the USA (and even if you are), why not have this amazing part of the world as your honeymoon destination? As you already know, the United States is the place where you can find literally anything, regardless of your taste. Apart from that, there are also so many different iconic places to see such as New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, you name it. However, if you’re going to the USA for your honeymoon, it would be a great idea to put all those popular cities aside and focus on something more authentic. One such place would be the town of Lebanon in Maine as it’s extremely authentic, and it’s also very gay-friendly (there’s even an amazing Tree Farm that is LGBT-owned and that offers amazing views of the surrounding nature). Of course, you can also do your research and find any other place in the USA that you want to see and leave the “must-see” cities for some other time.

A yachting trip in the Mediterranean

Then again, why not opt for something completely different from what other people are doing for their honeymoons? One such option could be booking your plane tickets to a Mediterranean coastal town or city as not only are these places filled with spectacular beaches, but they are very rich in history and wonderful architecture as well. Croatia might be a good place for you as it’s not as popular with tourists as other places in the area, and yet it’s home to amazing small islands scattered in the sea. Yachting here might be the best idea ever, so what you need is a good private boat charter who will help you make the right decision when picking your yacht. This is not a cheap sport, but it’s definitely one that you should have in mind if your budget allows it.

A truly authentic Asian experience

What about Asia? Now, plenty of people choose China, Japan and Thailand as their honeymoon destinations, but you can think outside the box and visit Vietnam, which is one of the touristic destinations in Asia that is slowly gaining a lot of popularity. Here, you will be able to experience something completely unique and see what it’s like to be a tourist in the middle of Asia. Modern Vietnam has so many things to offer to a regular tourist, and this might be the perfect place for your honeymoon as not only will you be seeing something new but you will be learning as well. If this is what you want, bear in mind that some parts of Vietnam are UNESCO heritage sites!

The classics like Paris

Then again, you can also go with the all-time classic, the almighty Paris, the city of love. Yes, cliché, some would say – a great place to organize a romantic honeymoon, we reply! It would be such a shame not to see Paris if you have the option to and if you have never seen this city before. The Eiffel Tower, Montmartre, Moulin Rouge… all of these places need to be seen and experienced and why not choose here to have your own honeymoon photograph? After that, you can sit at one of the spectacular cafes that you will find there, eat a croissant and head to your hotel room for some honeymoon action.

An out-of-this-world experience

For our final tip, we’re not moving from Europe, but we are going a little bit north. But we go there for a specific reason – to see the northern lights, also known as aurora borealis. Iceland is a wonderful country filled with some of the most beautiful sights in the world, but it’s the aurora borealis that you want to see. If you plan your honeymoon sometime between August and April, make sure to check in here. You do not have to spend all of your days at one place; go to Reykjavik, see some rural parts of it and take plenty of photos! Iceland was also the country that had the world’s first openly gay head of state, so why not pay tribute to that as well?

The world is filled with amazing places that you definitely have to check out once you get the chance. As far as your honeymoon goes, find the one that is the most original and unique to you. After all, this shouldn’t be like a regular trip.

Peter is a lifestyle writer for Queer Voices magazine. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.