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Dearly Beloved,

Recently I was having dinner with a new friend and she was telling us a story about her wedding. I will do my best to retell this hilarious story…She was getting married in October and was so worried about the rain because the wedding was outside. The rain came and went and when it was time to get married under the beautiful trellis full of orange flowers it fell over. The vase that was keeping the flowers hydrated broke. Since it was a golf course, they put golf balls in buckets to hold up the trellis. That failed also and the trellis fell over yet again. Then someone had an idea to use the big tray that holds glasses for the large restaurant dishwasher. But the trellis would not hold in place. The bride didn’t know much more than there was some problem with the trellis and it was being taken care of. She stood up by the trellis with her fiancé and her officiant, with the wedding party on both sides, completely unaware of the solution that was right next to her feet. That solution was a man from the kitchen named Jorge. Jorge had agreed to hold up the trellis to ensure it wouldn’t fall over. But since wedding photos of them exchanging vows with Jorge holding up the trellis in the background probably wouldn’t exhibit a romantic atmosphere, poor Jorge was put under a black tablecloth. Only later the bride found out she had been standing next to a man under a tablecloth who was playing a game on his phone while holding up the trellis. The bride had her picture taken with him later in the night when she was told what happened. If your wedding is perfect there’s not much for a table conversation. And I’m still laughing about poor Jorge playing on his phone under the tablecloth. LOL!

Random Wedding thought of the week:

If only there was a Jorge at every wedding.


Quote from my memoir, “Diary of a Gay, Pregnant Bride”:

Lori noticed the tag was still on my dress and help me cut it off.

Questions to Consider:

Since you can’t perceive every mishap, you have to let your worries go. But what things can you prevent from happening? Assigned table seats might fix some issues…or no assigned seats. You can choose your place of venue. Focus on planning. The more planned out, the less things can fall through the cracks, because you are planning for some cracks.

Did you know?

In Vietnamese beliefs, besides having someone pick what lucky day for you to get married, or if you’re even compatible, it’s bad luck to hand someone a toothpick.


Good Advice:

Find a way. It’s not impossible to find a quick fix for problems that occur last minute. And find a good laugh in it.

Pride, People under a cloth, and Plenty of laughs,



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