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The Best Leather Wedding Jackets for Brides and Bridesmaids in 2021

If your wedding is fast approaching, you’re probably busy thinking about what you’re going to wear on the big day. But what many brides and grooms forget is that looking great and feeling confident on your wedding day isn’t just about finding the right suit or dress… it’s about finding your overall wedding look.

This not only encompasses your outfit, but also any accessories such as jewelry, belts, hats, and even wedding jackets.

And there’s no limit as to what you can wear. This is your day, after all. While many opt for a more traditional wedding look, there’s really no reason why you can’t do something a bit different, like selecting a cool leather jacket rather than silk or chiffon, for example.

Leather Jackets for Weddings

If you feel comfortable wearing leather – if leather helps you to feel like you, and shows off your personality – then it definitely has a place in your wedding. You could even choose leather jackets for your flower girls or bridesmaids, too. We’ve shopped around to find 6 leather wedding jackets that would look incredible waltzing down the aisle:

1. Your Own Leather Jacket

There is, perhaps, nothing more special than wearing your own beloved leather jacket to your wedding. It could be your ‘something old’! But if your jacket isn’t quite in wedding-ready condition, don’t worry.

Did you know that some leather jacket repair experts can re-dye your jacket if it’s started to fade and lose its color or shine? It’s a very safe process that involves replacing the leather’s natural oils to bring it back to life.

3. Fringed ‘Hitched’ Jacket

If your wedding outfit is heavily embellished, a simple leather jacket would work perfectly. But if you’ve opted for more of an understated wedding dress or suit, you have a bit more freedom to ‘go big’ and play around with your accessories.

This ‘Hitched’ white leather jacket from Nasty Gal features a super cool, eye-catching fringe design along the arms and the back of the jacket, and is ideal for pairing with a simple outfit.

4. Personalized Jacket

You can find pretty much anything on Etsy, and that’s where we’ve found this brilliant personalized leather jacket. If you’re planning to change your last name after your wedding – and you’re bursting with pride to be a new ‘Mrs’ or ‘Mr’ – adding your new name to your wedding outfit is a great way to celebrate becoming an official family. While this particular jacket is white, you’ll find lots of sellers offering all sorts of colors.

2. Pink Flower Girl Jacket

This beautiful pink leather jacket from David’s Bridal is designed for the smallest little ladies in your bridal party: your flower girls. Embroidered with ‘Petal Patrol’ on the back, it’s the perfect accessory for flower girls as they scatter petals down the aisle.

Buying for rapidly growing kids can sometimes be a bit hit and miss, but don’t panic – there are always leather jacket alterations if your flower girls suddenly have a growth spurt.

5. Collared Jacket for Cold Months

Having trouble choosing a perfect fall wedding dress? Maybe you don’t have to. If you’re getting married in one of the cooler months of the year, it’s natural to look for long sleeve outfits that will keep the chill off.

But you could also select a strappy dress or sleeveless dress and simply add a warming leather jacket, like this Nordstrom jacket with its soft, fluffy collar. You can always pop it off when it comes time to dance.

6. Matching Jackets

If you want your entire bridal party to join in with the leather look, consider matching leather jackets for you and your bridesmaids. We love these jackets that have been personalized with the names of each bridesmaid; a wonderful – and unique – gift.

These particular jackets are from Sears, with calligraphy by Electric Eunice, but you could find jackets anywhere and use a local artist to hand paint the jackets with your own designs.

There are no Rules

When it comes to wedding planning, many brides and grooms are worried about ‘doing it right. But this is your wedding. There is no right or wrong. There are no rules. Your wedding should be about you; it should complement your personality, and make you feel comfortable and confident. So never be afraid to go against the grain and swap traditional wedding attire for something a little different. It’s your big day. Be you.

Tony Kantzavelos is the owner of Love Your Leather – currently the largest leather cleaning, repair, and alteration company in Toronto and Southern Ontario. Tony has been altering and repairing leather items since 1987. He is a world-renowned expert in the leather restoration field especially when it comes to restoring high-end purses and handbags. He really loves what he does since it not only makes his customers very happy to have their favorite accessories rejuvenated, but it also helps to reduce the throw-away society that is responsible for the destruction of our natural resources and increase in landfills. A lot of his clients call him the magician due to his ability to repair even the most difficult tears, scratches, and discoloration on leathers.

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